Total Controls Series LCD Upgrade Replacement cnc monitor


Total Controls Series
Total Controls Series LCD Upgrade Replacement

Using the original CRT frame
A CRT can be unreliable and can be down for days at a time
when you need it the most. When a CRT burns out, installing
an LCD upgrade is the fastest and most reliable way to get a
machine controller up and running. LCD upgrades are 100%
compatible with old video connections such as BNCs, 15 pin,
9 pin, 8 pin, VGA, CGA, 10 pin edge connectors, and many

Type: AM Color TFT No.Colors: 262k Colors
Active Area: 264*184.5mm
Brightness: 350cd/m2
Backlight life: 50,000hrs Typical
Max. Resolution: 800*600 pixels
Contrast Ratio: 300:1
Viewing Angles: 1400 H, 1100 V
Input Connector: 1*15-pin HD Female/1*15-pin LD cable
Sync.Type/Level: Separate H&V (+/- ve) TTL or Composite(-ve) TTL
Horizontal Scan: (15-40)kHz Vertical Scan: (55-75) Hz
AC Model: 110/230V 50/60Hz Power Consumption: 24W Typical
Response Time: 35ms Video Connection: Analog RGB 0.7-1.0 Vp-p
Operating Temp: -10 -65℃ Storage Temp: -30 -70℃


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