• High & Low temperature tensile tester
  • High & Low temperature tensile tester
  • High & Low temperature tensile tester
  • High & Low temperature tensile tester
  • High & Low temperature tensile tester
  • High & Low temperature tensile tester
  • High & Low temperature tensile tester
  • High & Low temperature tensile tester
  • High & Low temperature tensile tester
  • High & Low temperature tensile tester
  • High & Low temperature tensile tester
  • High & Low temperature tensile tester
  • High & Low temperature tensile tester
  • High & Low temperature tensile tester
  • High & Low temperature tensile tester

High & Low temperature tensile tester

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Product Description



The machine is specially improved for environmental testing.The tensile machine is equipped with a high and low temperature test box, which can test tensile, pressure, tearing, shearing, peeling strength, deconvolution strength, ring initial adhesion strength and other physical performance in different temperature environments. When using the room temperature test, the high temperature box can be removed to increase the use of space and convenience.

Software function

The measurement and control system is the latest system developed in 2018, also known as the international version. Reflects the latest requirements of global users for testing machines; powerful and easy to use in language conversion and automatic translation of test data, unit conversion, standard management, sample shape management, test personnel management, data processing, report generation, etc. specialty. This system adopts Microsoft's latest development tool VisualStudio .Net 2005, which has powerful functions and friendly interface. It is a development tool for the new generation of operating system Windows XP/Vista; it meets the use of more than 90% of the world's regions and population and fully supports the test machine International requirements of manufacturers and users.

Software part
1. Support Chinese and English languages: applications and data (Access data storage) are automatically translated at any time.
2. Supported unit system:
Metric system (N, kN, mm, MPa, etc.)
British system (Lb, kP, Inch, kpsi)
Old system (g, kg, Ton, cm, kg/cm2, etc.)
3. Supported test standards: ISO, GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, etc., which can be added arbitrarily; centralized management of test methods is convenient for use;
4. Report format: based on crystal report and VS.Net report, it can be exported to Word, EXCEL, PDF documents, with both pictures and texts, and user LOGO pictures can be added
5. Curve function: The curve can be moved and zoomed arbitrarily, the point marking of important parameters, the parallel line marking of the E value, and it can be printed separately (high resolution) or exported as a picture file (BMP or JEG format); 169 theoretical curves.
6. Hierarchical management of users ensures the safety management and ease of use of software and data;
7. Graphical operation interface; the interface can be modified to distinguish different users; the display area of ​​the interface can be set to display or hide.
8. Re-development capability support: Parameter calculation adopts VBS script with open source code, independent report file is written with crystal report, and system parameters are stored in the database to facilitate the re-development of advanced users.
9. VBS scripting of the control process; a variety of control parameters and input and output set by the user to expand the use of the test machine;
10. The main program integrates the initial setting of the system, standard creation, sample shape, field management, which is convenient for debugging

Hardware part

1. Three independent analog input channels, 24-bit AD converter, programmable gain amplifier;
2. The interface with computer adopts photoelectric isolation USB2.0, which reduces interference and improves reliability
3. Force measuring unit
Adopting the latest high-speed, high-resolution, high-precision and continuous acquisition AD converter; reaching ±500,000 subdivision codes, which is better than subdivision
The six-speed zoom in the gear mode has reached the international advanced level.
Force measurement range: 0.5 - 100% FS
Measurement accuracy: 0.5 level
Resolution: 1/1,000,000
4. Measuring small deformation (electronic extensometer)
The unit adopts the latest high-speed, high-resolution, high-precision, continuous acquisition AD converter without bins; up to ±250,000 subdivision code, excellent
The six-level zoom in the binning mode has reached the international advanced level.
Deformation measurement range: 1 - 100% FS
Measurement accuracy: 0.5 level
Resolution: 1/1,000,000
Software protection: over-travel, over-capacity protection;

Constant temperature studio

Internal space: 35*35*62CM;
Carton size: about 80*93*153 CM
Test temperature: -40℃~150℃;
Humidity range: 20%~98%;
Temperature control: Microcomputer PID automatic calculation, stable error;
Temperature accuracy: ±1℃;
Circulation system: fan forced circulation system;
Heating system: SUS304 stainless steel radiating heater;
Cooling system: fan cooling type, high-efficiency compressor, new environmentally friendly refrigerant;
Timing device: leakage and overload protector, compressor over protector, ultra-humidity power-off protection, temperature limit protection device;
Machine material: SUS#304 stainless steel material;
Single-column type, does not occupy a large area of laboratory space, and is easy to operate;
Accessories: 180 degree peeling and 90 degree fixture, computer, etc. are purchased separately;
Power supply: 220V, 50 HZ /60HZ, 30A




Machine specifications
Capacity selection: within 100KG;
Equipped with dust cover, protective shell, precision ball screw to increase service life and precision;
The door can be opened for convenience when testing at room temperature.
Hardware security protection: upper and lower limit, emergency stop button protection;
Machine size: about 80*93*260CM;

Machine power
Servo motor drive;
Transmission mode: ball lead screw and timing belt to reduce noise;
Speed range: 0.01~500mm/min can be set by computer;

Test components
Load element: in line with ASTM-E4 regulations, within 0.5% of the capacity range error, adopts bridge-type line induction output, can be used for tension and pressure testing;

A set of 90 degree and 180 degree peeling clamps
Attached clamp extension rod, heat sink, etc.;

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