Constant Temperature Retentivity Testing Machine

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Product Description


1. Temperature resolution accuracy: 0.1 °C;
2. Sample size: length 80MM, width 20MM;
3. Test area: 80 mmX20mm;
4. Touch screen control, LCD display;
5. Manual or electric rolling wheel (purchased separately);
6. The timing accuracy is 1min;
7. The starting temperature is normal temperature +5 °C;
8. Test load: 6 pieces in total of 100 grams; can be customized
9. Temperature range: normal temperature +5°C~200°C;
10. Temperature uniformity: ± 1 °C;
11. Temperature control system: touch screen type, can set the time, temperature, or normal temperature usage patterns;
12.  Mirror steel plate: length 120mm, width 50mm;
13: Internal 304 stainless steel, external advanced powder spraying treatment;
14. Power supply: 220V 2KW
15. Test space: about 60*35*36cm

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