Leather Scratch Resistant Tester Flexure Resistance textiles

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Product Description

For shoe uppers, clothing materials, bag leather, artificial leather, etc., cut a 45X70mm test piece at a speed of 100C.P.M at a speed of 22.5 to flex the test piece, and record the number of flexure resistance when the test piece cracks. Or after flexing the test piece a fixed number of times, observe whether there are cracks.

According to the standard

CNC-7705,JIS-K6545, BS-3144 ASTM-D2813




Testing sample 12 groups
Bending angle 22.5°
Specimen size 45x70mm
Bending speed 100±5cpm
Counter LCD,0~999,999
Machine size 50×58×30cm
Weight 78kg
power supply 1,AC220V,20A 

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