Carton Compresssion Tester

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Product Description

This machine is mainly compressive strength test cases, carton compressive strength and stacking strength, but by the analysis of the test results the characteristics of paper box, color box, packaging structure design is in line with the shipping and handling strength requirement, this machine can be displayed on the computer test force, displacement and time curve, can test a compressive stress state of the wooden case.The test results can be used as an important reference for the height of finished product packing boxes.




Model HM6609PCA HM6609PCB HM6609PCC HM6609PCD
Test Size 80×80×100CM 100×100×120CM 120×120×120CM 150×150×150CM
Weight 700KG 850KG 1000KG 1500KG
Volume 120×80×160cm³ 140×100×160cm³ 164×120×190cm³ 200×150×230cm³
Capacity 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 5000kg
Single digit Kgf, G,N, kN, LBF, TON(switchable)
Resolution 1/250,000
Accuracy ≤0.5%
Control mode Computer operation
Compression speed 10±3㎜ minutes /min
Speed range 0.1~300mm/min Software setting
Transmission mechanism  Panasonic motor drive arc ball screw
Stop mode  break, break stop, upper and lower limit set stop, fixed load (fixed force), automatic reset function, etc
Display function  test number, peak, test curve, test table, average, etc
Pressure holding function  the capacity can be set arbitrarily
Pressure holding time 0.1min~9999999min can be set freely
Distribution  Test software, R232 computer connection

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