• Thermal Deformation Vicat Softening Point Tester
  • Thermal Deformation Vicat Softening Point Tester

Thermal Deformation Vicat Softening Point Tester

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Product Description

Product description

Thermal deformation Vicat, softening point temperature measuring instrument uses PLC programmable controller for temperature adjustment and computer display operation. The product is simple to operate, easy to use, stable in performance, and high in product accuracy. It can monitor the test temperature and deformation in real time during the test; the system automatically stops heating when the test is over, and can print test reports and test curves. This series of models is an indispensable instrument for the self-inspection of quality inspection units, universities and enterprises.


With the function of lifting and lowering the sample holder, the sample holder can be raised or lowered at the beginning or end of the test. The machine is mainly used for the thermal deformation temperature and Vicat softening of non-metallic materials such as plastic, rubber, nylon, and electrical insulating materials. Point temperature determination.

Executive standard

GB/T1633 "Determination of Vicat Softening Temperature (VST) of Thermoplastics"
GB/T1634 "Determination of Deflection Temperature of Plastics under Load Part 1: General Test Method"
GB/T8802 "Determination of softening temperature of plastic pipe fittings" IS075-2013 "Determination of plastic load deformation temperature"
ASTM D 648 "Plastic Heat Deflection Temperature Test Method"
ASTM D 1525 "Plastic Vicat Softening Temperature Test Method"



1. Intelligent PID adjustment, accurate heating rate, accurate temperature control and no difference;
2. Independent temperature display, imported PT100 temperature sensor, accuracy ±0.5%;
3. Thermal deformation test of various standard splines can be done;
4. Vicat softening point test of various standard splines can be done;
5. Thermal deformation and Vicat softening point tests can be performed simultaneously;
6. The required load can be automatically calculated according to the test standard and spline size;
7. Two heating rates can be choosed, free switching, simple operation;
8. Full computer system operation, real-time observation of the heating-deformation curve, automatic picking of points after the test;
9. The test conditions and test standards are built-in and can be retrieved at any time without having to calculate the deflection and deformation by yourself;
10. Imported dial indicator (Taiwan EEE) is adopted, which is reliable and stable, and the accuracy is higher than that of resistance ruler;
11. The thermal deformation indenter and Vicat indenter are made of high-strength, light-weight imported alloy materials, and the high-temperature expansion coefficient is less than the standard requirement;
12. Electric lifting sample rack, 3 or more groups can be raised and lowered at the same time, which is convenient for changing test samples under high temperature conditions and reduces manual operation;
13. After the test is completed, the data is automatically stored for easy retrieval in the future, and the test report can be exported at any time;
14. The mixing motor adopts imported speed-regulating motor, no vibration, reasonable design, and the internal silicon oil temperature uniformity can reach ±1℃;
15. After the test is completed or the temperature exceeds the upper limit, the temperature control will be automatically turned off and shut down;
16. There are software over-temperature protection and external mechanical over-temperature protection dual protection, so that the test has no worries;
17. Diversified report settings and perfect report printing function.

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