• Thermal Shock Test Chamber (Three Zone)
  • Thermal Shock Test Chamber (Three Zone)
  • Thermal Shock Test Chamber (Three Zone)
  • Thermal Shock Test Chamber (Three Zone)
  • Thermal Shock Test Chamber (Three Zone)

Thermal Shock Test Chamber (Three Zone)

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Product Description

Thermal Shock Environmental Test Chamber (3 Zone) consists of the Test Zone, Heat Storage Zone and Cold Storage Zone. The specimen stays in the test zone, hot and cold air will blow from the storage zones to achieve rapid temperature change for thermal shock.

  1. Faster temperature change rate.
  2. Quick temperature recovery, available for faster shock cycle.
  3. Cable port available for data acquisition.
  4. RS485 communication, Ethernet, available for computer remote control
  5. Programmable


Standard Compliance

  • IEC68-2-1 Environmental testing – Part 2: Test methods – Tests A: Cold
  • IEC68-2-2 Environmental testing for electrical and electronic products Test methods – Tests B: Dry Heat
  • MIL-STD-810D Environmental test methods and engineering guidelines


Performance parameters

Model HMB3TS50 HMB3TS80 HMB3TS150 HMB3TS250 HMB3TS512 BTS-1000
Test Space 350x400x360 400x500x400 500x600x500 600x700x600 800x800x800 1000x1000x1000
W x H x D (mm)
External Dimension 1320x1860x1420 1320x2180x1520 1450x2200x1700 1550x2280x1800 1800x2300x2000 2000x2350x2300
W x H x D (mm)
Pre-cooling Zone Temp. -10~-80℃
Pre-heating Zone Temp. +50~+220℃
Pre-cooling Zone Cooling Rate -10~-40℃<30 mins     -10~-60℃<50 mins     -10~-80℃<65 mins
Pre-heating Zone Heating Rate +50~150℃<30 mins   +50~180℃<50 mins    +50~220℃<60 mins
Temp. Shock Range B type :-40~150℃   C Type :-55~150℃     D Type :-65~150℃
Temp. Recovery Time ≤5mins
High low Temp. Exposure Time <30 mins
Temp. Fluctuation ≤±0.5℃
Internal Material 1.2mm thick SUS#304 high &low temperature resistance stainless steel.
External Material Adopt flame retardant high strength PU Polyurethane foam insulation material.
Control Method Touch screen programmable PLC, with USB interface, with RS485 interface can be connected to computer controlling, special network control software, convenient remote monitoring, data acquisition.
Compressor Tecumseh (France)-fully air-cooled double-fall cooling compressor. Or Bock (Germany) semi-enclosed air-cooled refrigeration.


Operation precautions

The thermal shock test chamber is a piece of necessary testing equipment for metal, plastic, rubber, electronics and other material industries. It is used to test the material structure or composite material. It can withstand extremely high temperature and low temperature in an instant. Detect the chemical change or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the sample in the shortest time.

Because the thermal shock test chamber is tested by the instant conversion of high temperature and low temperature, what should be paid attention to when using the thermal shock test machine?

  1. The thermal shock test machine body cannot press the power line, nor can it be stepped on the power line;
  2. Do not spray or rinse the equipment directly with water, and do not place the equipment in a damp, easily splashed place, so as not to affect the electrical insulation performance of the equipment;
  3. It is strictly forbidden to use it when the power line is damaged or the plug is worn out, because the wear or damage of the power line may cause an electric shock to the operator, and must be replaced by a professional electrician according to the provisions of the thermal shock test chamber;
  4. In order to ensure the safety of operators, do not place electrical sockets, stabilized power supplies and other electrical appliances on the table of the equipment, and it is also prohibited to use electrical appliances inside the equipment to avoid electromagnetic interference and malfunction;
  5. It is strictly forbidden to put inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, as well as strong corrosive acids and alkalis;
  6. It is strictly forbidden to place or use gasoline and other flammable materials near the thermal shock test equipment to avoid fire.

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