• Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Environmental/Climate Test
  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Environmental/Climate Test
  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Environmental/Climate Test
  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Environmental/Climate Test
  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Environmental/Climate Test
  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Environmental/Climate Test
  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Environmental/Climate Test

Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Environmental/Climate Test

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Product Description

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber provides a simulated environment of high temperature, low temperature, high humidity and low humidity to detect the deterioration degree of the material and strength of rubber, plastic and electronic products before and after the test. This machine can also simulate the container environment to detect the discoloration and shrinkage of rubber and plastic under high temperature and high humidity. Test the heat, cold, dry and wet resistance of various materials. The high and low temperature humidity and heat alternating test chamber is suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, batteries, universities, research institutes, inspection and quarantine bureau, paper products, food, vehicles, auto parts, metals

Meet the standard 1. Technical conditions of GB11158 high temperature test chamber


2. GB10589-89 Technical Conditions for Low Temperature Test Chamber


3. GB10592-89 Technical Conditions for High and Low Temperature Test Chamber


4. GB/T10586-89 Technical Conditions for Damp Heat Test Chamber


5. GB/T2423.1-2008 Low temperature test chamber test method


6. GB/T2423.2-2008 High temperature test chamber test method


7. GB/T2423.3-2006 Test Method for Damp Heat Test Chamber


8. GB/T2423.4-2008 Alternating damp heat test method


9. GB/T2423.22-2002 Test Method for Temperature Change


◆ IEC60068-2-1.1990 Low temperature test chamber test method


11. IEC60068-2-2.1974 High temperature test chamber test method


★ GJB150.3 high temperature test


GJB150.4 low temperature test


14. GJB150.9 damp heat test


Prohibitions for experimental equipment 1. Test or storage of samples of flammable, explosive and volatile substances


2. Test or storage of corrosive substance samples


3. Test or storage of biological samples


4. Test or storage of strong electromagnetic emission source samples


Inner box size and outer box size Inner box size: (width * height * depth) 400mm * 500mm * 500mm


Outer box size: (W * H * D) 900 × one thousand and four hundred × 1200 mm


Box volume: 80L


Temperature range - 40 ℃~+150 ℃


Humidity range 50 ~ 95% R • H adjustable


Temperature and humidity control range


Control stability temperature ± 0.5 ℃; Humidity ± 2%


Distribution uniformity temperature ± 2.0 ℃; Humidity ± 3.0%


Resolution temperature: 0.01 ℃; Humidity: 0.1% R.H


Average temperature rise time 3 ℃/min, non-linear temperature rise


Average cooling time 1 ℃/min, non-linear cooling


Temperature limit maximum temperature+150 ℃; Low temperature - 70 ℃


Introduction to the structure of the constant temperature and humidity test box is divided into three parts: the test room, the electric control cabinet, and the machine room: the upper left side is the test room, which is composed of the insulation layer test chamber, and the left single-door type access; The electric control cabinet is located on the right side, and the panel is mainly composed of temperature controller, switch button and fault protection indicator light; The engine compartment is located under the test room and consists of filter, solenoid valve, circuit part, compressor and other accessories.


Shell material steel plate baking paint


Inner box material SUS # 304 stainless steel plate;


Thermal insulation material: polyurethane rigid foam+glass wool


1 piece of silicone foam pressing


Two stainless steel shelves with adjustable height are set in the box


The heater is made of stainless steel fin type heat dissipation tube imported from Taiwan, China, China


Design of split humidifier cylinder


Blower motor


Stainless steel extended shaft


Multi-wing aluminum alloy fan wheel


Special adjustable shutter air supply and circulation system


Box door single door, double door, embedded non-reaction plane handle


Three-layer vacuum glass enlarged window


Electric automatic defogging, LED lighting


One built-in portable water tank (convenient for cleaning)


1 automatic feed pump (automatically supply water from the lower water tank to the upper layer)


Water shortage alarm device


Four polyurethane movable universal wheels are installed at the bottom of the tripod body


Characteristics of refrigeration system Multi-segment automatic load capacity adjustment technology


Compressor~French "Taikang" brand fully enclosed compressor


Condenser - fin type heat dissipation fan


Evaporator-fin type multi-stage automatic load capacity adjustment


Expansion valve~European and American imported components


Refrigerant~environment-friendly frozen snow seeds


Accessories~desiccant, oil separator, snow seed window, etc


Controller picture


The control mode of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is the balanced temperature and humidity control system (BTHC), which controls the SSR in the P.I.D. mode, so that the heating and humidification amount of the system is equal to the heat and humidity loss, so it can be used stably for a long time.


Independent research and design of controller features


Programmable controller


LCD, color screen display


Touch screen direct button type


Temperature and humidity simultaneous programmable controller


Chinese and English display


7-inch true-color large screen


High contrast large LCD LCD display controller with adjustable backlight function.


Controller specification accuracy: temperature ± 0.1 ℃, humidity ± 1% R.H


Resolution: temperature ± 0.1, humidity ± 0.1% R.H


With upper and lower limit standby and alarm functions


Temperature and humidity input signal selection PT 100 Ω × 2 (dry bulb and wet bulb)


9 groups of P.I.D control parameter settings, P.I.D automatic calculation


Automatic correction of wet and dry bulb


The screen display function adopts the picture-to-talk mode, without key input, and the screen can directly touch the option


Temperature and humidity setting (SV) and actual (PV) values are displayed directly


It can display the current execution program number, segment times, remaining time and cycle times


Operation cumulative time function


Temperature and humidity program setting values are displayed in graphical curves, with real-time display program curve execution function


With separate program editing screen, each page can input at least 5 segments of temperature, humidity and time


Chinese and English can be switched freely.


The fault prompt screen is displayed.


The screen can be adjusted for backlight


The screen display protection function can be set for timing, TIMER or manual shutdown


Program capacity and program groups available for control function: 120 PATTEN at most


Available memory capacity: 1200 SEGMENTS in total


Repeatable commands: each command can be executed up to 999 times


The production of the program is conversational, with editing, clearing, inserting and other functions


SEGMENTS time setting 0 ~ 99Hour59Min


With power-off program memory, it can automatically start and continue to execute the program after power-on


Graphic curve can be displayed in real time during program execution


With reservation start and shutdown function


With date and time adjustment function


Key and screen lock function


Compressor French "Taikang" brand fully enclosed compressor


Compressor picture


Condenser fin type heat dissipation fan


Fin-type multi-stage automatic load capacity adjustment of evaporator


Expansion valve imported from Europe and America


Refrigerant environment-friendly frozen snow (Honeywell environmental refrigerant R404A and R23)


Features Multi-segment automatic load capacity adjustment technology


Refrigeration auxiliary components desiccant, oil separator, snow seed window, etc


One water tank is built in the tank


Add purified water or distilled water to the water quality (the tap water will have dirt, which is easy to block the pipeline and affect the product test)


Protection device 1. Zero crossing brake fluid power controller


2. Heating air incineration protection switch


3. Compressor overpressure protection switch


4. Compressor overload and overcurrent protection switch


5. Phase loss protection switch


6. Fuseless overload protector


7. Water tank water shortage protection switch


8. Heating and humidification fast insurance


Operating voltage 220V ± 10% 50HZ


Power is about 4KW


Allowable operating environment 0~30 ℃


Performance guarantee environment 5~25 ℃


1 set of threaded cover with 50mm test hole on the left side of the body


Non-woven fabrics 3 pieces for standard test


One copy of the specification shall be provided when ordering


One copy of equipment manual

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