• Tensile Torsion Tester
  • Tensile Torsion Tester
  • Tensile Torsion Tester
  • Tensile Torsion Tester
  • Tensile Torsion Tester

Tensile Torsion Tester

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Product Description

Tensile and torsion testing machine is a new type of material testing machine that combines electronic technology and mechanical transmission. It has a wide and accurate loading speed and force measuring range, high accuracy and sensitivity for the measurement and control of load, displacement and torsion, and can also carry out automatic control tests of constant speed loading and constant speed displacement. It has simple and convenient operation, and is especially suitable for the inspection instrument of the quality inspection bureau. This series of models is mainly applicable to the test of non-metallic and metallic materials with test load less than 10kN and torque less than 100100N · M.


Purpose of equipment:

HZ1018 tensile torsion tester is mainly applicable to the testing of metal and non-metallic materials, such as rubber, plastic, wire and cable, optical fiber and cable, safety belt, safety belt, leather belt composite material, plastic profile, waterproof coiled material, steel pipe, copper, profile, spring steel, bearing steel, stainless steel (and other high hardness steel), casting, steel plate, steel strip, non-ferrous metal wire have tensile, compression, bending under high temperature environment Shear, peeling, tearing, two-point extension (additional extensometer is required) and torsion of some rotating parts

Applied industries:

HZ1018 tension and torsion testing machine is widely used in measurement and quality inspection; Clothing and footwear industry; Rubber and plastic; Metallurgical steel; Machinery manufacturing; Electronic appliances; Automobile production; Textile chemical fiber; Wire and cable; Packaging materials and food; Instruments and Apparatuses; medical apparatus and instruments; Civil nuclear energy; Civil aviation; Colleges and universities; Research Institute; Commodity inspection, arbitration and technical supervision departments; Building materials ceramics; Petrochemical industry; Other industries.

Equipment features:

The HZ1018 tension and torsion testing machine adopts imported photoelectric encoder for displacement measurement. The controller adopts embedded single chip microcomputer structure and built-in powerful measurement and control software, which integrates measurement, control, calculation and storage functions. It has the function of automatically calculating stress, elongation (extensometer is required), tensile strength, torsion of rotating parts and elastic modulus, and automatically statistics the results; Automatically record the force value or elongation at the maximum point, breaking point and designated point; The computer is used to dynamically display the test process and test curve, and to process the data. After the test, the curve can be amplified through the graphics processing module to analyze and edit the data, and the report can be printed. The product performance reaches the international advanced level.

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