• Four-position Pressure Tester
  • Four-position Pressure Tester
  • Four-position Pressure Tester
  • Four-position Pressure Tester
  • Four-position Pressure Tester
  • Four-position Pressure Tester
  • Four-position Pressure Tester

Four-position Pressure Tester

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Product Description

The four-station pressure tester is a multi-position pressure holding tester. Each station has the function of fixed force value and fixed time. It can be tested at a single station or at multiple stations at the same time. It has the characteristics of small size, clear structure and convenient operation. It can be placed on the workbench and on the production line for testing. The PLC touch control system is used to carry out compression and pressure holding tests on the sample through the upper pressure plate, and finally see the change of the product under a certain force value and pressure holding for a certain time. The test speed, test force value and test time can be displayed on the touch screen in real time. It is mainly used for testing the quality of products in laboratories and production lines. This equipment is mainly applicable to the compression resistance of metal materials and non-metallic materials with test load less than 5000N.

Product features:

A. Test standard modularization function: provide users with test settings for the required applications, covering a variety of test standards and specifications.

B. The box is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy frame, which is beautiful and generous. The whole machine is designed reasonably and firmly, and runs stably, safely, accurately, and durable;

C. It is manufactured according to the customer's product test, with adjustable travel and wide application;

D. Four groups of stations work at the same time or can be controlled separately to greatly improve the test efficiency and use efficiency;

E. Test pressure holding time, position, pressure holding value, user-friendly design, convenient and fast operation;

Application industry:

This equipment is independently developed by our company. It is applicable to the simultaneous pressure holding test of a single product or multiple products. It is a food company, a beverage company, and a health care product

Companies, electronics industry, auto parts companies, mobile phone parts companies, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, commodity inspection and arbitration, technical supervision and other functional departments

Good helper, also one of the necessary testing equipment for product quality management

Technical parameters:

1. Model: HMZ1003E (touch screen type);

2. Screen: 7-inch Kunlun Tongtai color touch screen, directly input the test parameters, and prompt the Chinese and English operation interface layer by layer;

3. Maximum load: 500KG high precision sensor of American force transmission, 4;

4. Capacity selection: 5KG, 10KG, 20KG, 50KG, 100kg, 200KG, 500KG;

5. Unit switching: Kg, N;

6. PLC measuring system: Delta;

7. Resolution: 1/50000;

8. Test speed: 50-300 mm/min (special test speed can also be customized according to customer requirements);

9. Display mode: touch screen display, with the following functions:

1) Single group test, multiple group test

2) Multi-unit automatic switching: kgf, N;

3) Multi-function correction function;

4) 24-bit AD acquisition with resolution of 1/200000;

5) The number of decimal places can be selected from 0 to 2;

6) Power-on password protection function can effectively prevent non-operators from power-on;

7) The breakpoint ratio ranges from 0 to 99%, and the user can set the appropriate fracture downtime according to different materials;

8) Safety device: overload, emergency stop device, up and down travel limit device; Overforce protection,

10. Beautiful appearance, aluminum alloy+stainless steel;

11. Power system: servo motor+driver;

12. Power: AC220V 1800W

13. Volume: 1500 * 600 * 1700 (W * D * H);

14. Weight: 75KG;

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