• Cement Bending Compression Tester
  • Cement Bending Compression Tester

Cement Bending Compression Tester

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Product Description

The bending and compression testing machine is mainly used for the compression and bending tests of the strength of non-metallic materials such as bricks, stones, cement, concrete, graphite carbon materials, electrodes, ceramics, stone materials, refractory materials, hard foam, thermal insulation mortar and other materials. The dual station test space is adopted, which has the advantages of one machine for two purposes, space saving and simple operation.


Main features:


1. The high-precision force value sensor collects the actual value of the force value and subtracts the resistance error caused by the friction of the hydraulic cylinder.

2. The hydraulic system uses a proportional valve to control the compression and bending test speed to achieve accurate speed control.

3. The inverted hydraulic cylinder is adopted to reduce the hydraulic cylinder downforce assistance.

4. Computer software control system, convenient and quick setting of various parameters, convenient editing of test report, one-key conversion of compression and bending resistance, and one-key completion of test and report.


major function

The hydraulic oil in the oil tank drives the high-pressure pump through the motor to enter the oil circuit, flows through the one-way valve, high-pressure oil filter, differential pressure valve group, servo valve, and enters the oil cylinder. The computer sends a control signal to the proportional valve to control the opening and direction of the proportional valve, thus controlling the flow into the cylinder and realizing the control of the constant velocity test force. The system includes digital servo valve, high-precision sensor, controller and software, with high control accuracy and good reliability. Meet the test requirements of GB, ISO, ASTM and other standards for cement, mortar, concrete and other materials.

Applied industries:

It is widely used in the compressive strength and bending strength test of non-metallic materials such as bricks, stones, cement, concrete, graphite carbon materials, electrodes, ceramics, stones, refractories, hard foam, thermal insulation mortar, etc,


Maximum compressive test force




Maximum bending test force




Force measuring range




Relative error of test force indication




Compressive loading rate (kN/S)


0.3~10 (compression resistance)


Bending loading rate (kN/S)


0.3~50 (bending resistance)


Loading speed error




Compressive test specimen (mm)




Bending specimen (mm)




Maximum piston stroke (mm)




Piston diameter (mm)


Φ 130 (compression resistance)/ Φ 50 (bending resistance)


Maximum oil pressure (MPa)




Rated flow of oil pump (L/min)


one point five two


Motor power (kW)


zero point seven five


Overall dimension of main engine (length × wide × Height) (mm)


eight hundred and twenty × four hundred and fifty × one thousand and three hundred


Weight (kg)


five hundred

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