• Laboratory Oven High temperature aging tester
  • Laboratory Oven High temperature aging tester
  • Laboratory Oven High temperature aging tester
  • Laboratory Oven High temperature aging tester
  • Laboratory Oven High temperature aging tester

Laboratory Oven High temperature aging tester

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Product Description

This oven is applicable to the baking of laboratory, chemical, pharmaceutical and various electronic products, epoxy resin crafts, electrical casting and baking of various magnetic accessories and metal materials, baking, drying, disinfection, heat treatment aging and other heating purposes within the specified temperature.

Equipment structure:

The mold preheating oven is made of angle steel and stainless steel plate, and aluminum silicate fiber is filled between the shell and the workroom for thermal insulation. Two sets of far-infrared heaters are installed at the bottom of the workroom respectively, and one set of heaters has a separate switch to manage the power on and off.

Technical parameters:

The size and materials of the workshop can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of customers' products


Temperature range: room temperature+10~500 ℃, any temperature within this range can be adjusted


Inner liner material: made of 1.5mm thick SUS304 brushed stainless steel plate


External wall material: made of 2.0mm thick A3 carbon steel plate

Coating material: the exterior wall adopts environment-friendly self-drying paint (hammer paint), and the color is silver gray


Thermal insulation material: high-efficiency aluminum silicate fiber thermal insulation layer with good thermal insulation performance


Bottom material: two embedded grooves, reinforced with 12 # channel steel, convenient for trolley access.


Temperature control device: a CHENGSENG7412PID intelligent temperature control instrument, automatic constant temperature control, accuracy ± 2 ℃.


Motor power: 1100W * 2/380V, produced by Zhejiang Tenglong Motor Co., Ltd.


Air intake system: quantity 2, diameter 60mm. Integrated control and adjustment of air volume.


Exhaust system: quantity 1, diameter 120mm. Interface can be installed outside the workshop


Temperature measuring device: a stainless steel armored PT100 platinum resistance temperature sensing device with accurate temperature measurement.


Heating element: stainless steel tubular electric heater, installed in the air duct on both sides of the box


Alarm device: APT/AD16 type audible and visual alarm, alarm prompt at the end of constant temperature time, switchable.


Current and voltage: 380V/50HZ three-phase four-wire.


Electrical components: all adopt Zhejiang Zhengtai.


According to the customer's requirements, a stainless steel square tube trolley is made, layered, equipped with stainless steel tray, and perforated at the bottom.


Our company specializes in customizing various industrial ovens (ovens, drying ovens, drying ovens), with a studio volume of 70~3500 liters

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