• Laboratory Oven PCB oven
  • Laboratory Oven PCB oven
  • Laboratory Oven PCB oven
  • Laboratory Oven PCB oven
  • Laboratory Oven PCB oven

Laboratory Oven PCB oven

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Product Description

PCB oven is a special industrial oven specially developed and manufactured for PCB material industry. The structure of the PCB oven machine adopts single-door design, and the control box is located above the machine or the customer selects SUS430 # stainless steel plate.

Equipment features:

Energy-saving performance: when the temperature rises to the set temperature, the PID intelligent temperature controller automatically enters the energy-saving state and turns off most of the heating power, effectively controlling the power consumption; In addition, the longer the first startup time, the more prominent the energy conservation, which is about one tenth of the energy consumption of products in the same industry (the test results show that the energy consumption can be reduced by 80%~90% when entering the energy-saving stage)

The tank is made of stainless steel by argon arc welding to prevent dust from the machine itself;

Intelligent controller PID automatic calculation, compensation, calibration+S.S.R temperature control, more stable and accurate temperature;

Forced horizontal circulation air supply heating time is fast;

Internal hot air circulation, baking objects are evenly heated;

Domestic first-class heat insulation, heat insulation and insulation technology, with excellent sealing effect;

7. The temperature of the body shell is low, which has little impact on the indoor ambient temperature;

Ultra-high temperature protection, overload automatic power-off system dual protection, more safe and reliable;

Various heating and circulation modes can achieve energy saving, electricity saving, safety and environmental protection according to product settings;

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