• Electromagnetic Vibration Table
  • Electromagnetic Vibration Table
  • Electromagnetic Vibration Table
  • Electromagnetic Vibration Table
  • Electromagnetic Vibration Table
  • Electromagnetic Vibration Table
  • Electromagnetic Vibration Table
  • Electromagnetic Vibration Table
  • Electromagnetic Vibration Table
  • Electromagnetic Vibration Table

Electromagnetic Vibration Table

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Product Description

The electromagnetic vibration table is a vibration test equipment with high performance-price ratio. Its vibration frequency range is wide, and its functions meet the requirements of [fixed frequency, sweep frequency, logarithm, frequency doubling, program, random, etc.]. It is easy to operate, stable long-term operation data, and maintenance-free long-term operation. Ultra-high economy and use performance are widely used in the quality inspection of product design, research and development, manufacturing process of automobile parts, instruments and meters, toys and other industries, simulating the impact and vibration of products during transportation and use, and testing the actual working conditions and structural strength of products.

ISO 2247 Packaging - Fully filled transport packages and unit loads - Vibration test at fixed low frequency

ISO 13355 Packaging - Complete, filled transport packaging and unit load - Vertical random vibration test

IEC 60068 Basic environmental test procedures

ASTM D999 Test Method for Vibration Testing of Shipping Containers

ASTM D4728 Test Method for Random Vibration of Transport Containers

ASTM D3580 Standard for Product Vibration Test (Vertical Linear Motion)

GB/T 4857 Packaging - Basic tests for transport packages

GB/T 2423 Environmental Tests for Electrical and Electronic Products

The same table can realize X, Y and Z axis vibration, program control, accurate and balanced frequency, and long-term operation without drift;

2. Time timing with single point, segment and multiple segments;

3. Stepless amplitude adjustment, with sweep and fixed frequency functions, to meet the test requirements of different industries;

4. Embedded amplitude prediction program, four-point synchronous excitation, and even vibration of the table;

5. Anti-interference circuit is added to solve the interference of strong electromagnetic field on the control circuit, and the table top is non-magnetic and static.

6. It is made of composite industrial materials, precision processing, beautiful and generous platform, humanized operation and control, and special measurement and control module is used to make the equipment work more stable.

Software functions:

The vibration table software system adopts self-developed CIMS+FCS, and each test function module is combined. The external 232 serial port can be connected to the computer through software to analyze and output reports; The main control system adopts PLC+7-inch brand high-sensitivity touch color LCD, with direct touch option, intuitive and simple test parameter setting, timely display of current running program, timely display of current vibration frequency and frequency curve function.


Vibration direction three-axis (X+Y+Z)

Frequency modulation range (Hz) 1 ~ 600

Amplitude (mm) 0-5 (adjustable with frequency change, not displayable)

Maximum acceleration 20g (adjustable with frequency change, not displayable)

Product load (Kg) 50

Frequency accuracy 0.1 Hz

Vibration waveform sine wave

Test mode fixed frequency, sweep frequency, frequency doubling, program, logarithm, random

Time setting range 0-9999H/M/S minute arbitrary setting

Number of cycles 0-9999 arbitrary setting

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