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Injection molds are widely used in the manufacturing of products across various industries, including the electronics industry. In this industry, injection molding is used to produce a variety of components such as cases, housings, connectors, and other parts. The use of injection molds in the electronics industry offers numerous advantages, including faster production, cost-effectiveness, and consistency in quality. One of the key benefits of using injection molds in the electronics industry is that they allow for the fast and efficient production of high-quality parts. The injection molding process is quick and can produce a large volume of components in a short amount of time. This is particularly important in the electronics industry, where manufacturers often need to meet tight deadlines and produce products on a large scale. Injection molding also offers cost savings in the electronics industry. This is because the process is highly automated, which means that manufacturers can produce parts in large quantities without incurring high labor costs. Additionally, injection molding allows for the use of a wide range of materials, including plastics, metals, and composites, which can be selected based on their properties and cost-effectiveness. Another advantage of using injection molds in the electronics industry is that it allows for consistency in quality. Because the molds are custom-designed for each specific component, manufacturers can ensure that each part is produced to exact specifications. This level of precision is crucial in the electronics industry, where even minor deviations can impact the performance and reliability of the product. Moreover, injection molds allow for design flexibility and customization. With injection molding, manufacturers can produce components of various shapes and sizes, allowing for more design freedom. This is particularly important in the electronics industry, where products often have unique form factors and designs. Injection molding also enables manufacturers to incorporate additional features such as threaded inserts, snap-fit connections, and overmolding. Despite its numerous benefits, the use of injection molds in the electronics industry also poses some challenges. One of the primary challenges is the need to comply with strict regulations related to the use of materials, such as RoHS and REACH. Injection molds must be designed to accommodate these requirements, which can add to the complexity and cost of the manufacturing process. Another challenge is the need for constant innovation and product development in the electronics industry. As technology advances and new products are introduced, manufacturers must adapt quickly to remain competitive. Injection molds play a crucial role in this process by enabling manufacturers to produce new components and prototypes quickly and efficiently. In conclusion, injection molds are an essential tool in the electronics industry. Their ability to produce high-quality parts quickly and cost-effectively while offering design flexibility makes them an ideal choice for manufacturers in this industry. Despite the challenges associated with their use, injection molds will continue to play a critical role in the manufacturing process for electronics products as the industry continues to evolve and grow.  

Automotive Plastic Mold Design & Manufacturing

HMWTECH concentrates on the tooling design and manufacture of automotive lamp & lighting parts, interior decoration parts, exterior decoration parts and air-conditioning parts. There is a professional technical team who manage the automotive project quality and process. In this team,  special engineers for pre-study part optimization, tooling designing and tooling assembly. Big horizontal CNC machine, 5-axis CNC machine and double-ends EDM will have super advantages for machining big-size, high-falling lighting tools. At the same time, the lead time can also be shortened.

Automotive Lighting Plastic Mold
Automotive Interior Decoration Plastic Mold
Automotive Exterior Decoration Plastic Mold
Automotive Air Conditioning Plastic Mold

Medical Beauty Products Mold

Medical Beauty Products Mold Design & Manufacturing

There is no burr in the critical positions of parts. High precision to be controlled within 0.03mm, the part is thick, but we can achieve relative short injection cycle. Pre-deformation analysis is needed in the stage of parts pre-study to control part deformation, as high request on the injection cooling time and deep cavity on the part structure. Now the production can be totally automatic and the mold structure is very stable.

Office-home Appliance Mold Design & Manufacturing

It mainly includes the printer mold, which has high requirement on the deformation and dimension control. For visible parts, some have the need of texture; for invisible parts, some are precise connecting components and driving elements. The mounting dimension has to be controlled within 0.05mm and the dimension within 0.3mm. High volume on the production for this kind of mold, so the hard steel needs to be considered for use to keep the mold life and production cycle time.

Electronic Products Mold Design & Manufacturing

Home appliances molds mainly cover air conditioning, electric appliance etc. This kind of mold is specialized in the characters of short lead time& injection cycle time, average mold life with more than 500,000 shots, auto-production and high stability & precision. In the field of home appliance molds, we own professional groups of research & development, and long time of manufacture & great competitiveness.


With the improvement of people's consumption level, the demand for consumer electronics products continues to grow. Product upgrades accelerate, and the scale of the consumer electronics market continues to expand. Mold-related industries are developing rapidly.

Electronics Mould is a full-service leading injection mold manufacturer with a special focus on the design and manufacture of electronic moulds. We are located near Shenzhen Airport and have convenient transportation. When our customers visit us, they can quickly get to our company from the airport, and it is also convenient to deliver the moulds and parts, whether it is by air or sea.

Our experience in electronic moulds began at the beginning of the company's inception, and many years of manufacturing experience enabled us to ensure zero defect manufacturing through process control methods. With superior knowledge of electronic mould design, total quality management and certified manufacturing processes allow us to move quickly from design to production.


Machining Equipments list for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing:

High-Speed CNC Machining Centers  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

High-Speed CNC Mould Machining Centers  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

Makino Machining Centers  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

Seibu W-EDMs  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

Mirrordic Double Head EDM machines  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

Sodick EDM Machines  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

WOTA Large DHD Processing Machines  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

Sodick WEDMs  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

Haitian Gantry CNC Machining machines  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

NISSEI injection Machine  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

Swiss Mikron high-speed machine  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

Suppliers: MIKRON  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

HSM-700  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

Equipment Name (Name): 1688 Gaofeng Machining Center  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

Suppliers: Peak

Device model (Model): VMM-1688


Equipment Name (Name): Beijing Jingdiao

Suppliers: Beijing Jingdiao Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

Device model (Model): JDLVM550T-A13S

Equipment Name (Name): Mirror Spark Machine

Suppliers: Mildic

Device model (Model): CNC-EDM A45

Equipment Name (Name): Double Speed Special Spark Machine

Suppliers: Double Speed Special

Device model (Model): ZNZ34551A

Sodick WEDM AQ400Ls

Fanuc WEDM AQ550

Chmer WEDM Gx320SL

TopEDM WEDM DF-435/MP50 

Hanba EDM HP35

MIKRON CNC Machining Center HSM 600  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

Mirrordick Dual-head EDM Machine AM140R  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

Mirror surface EDM VDI 3#  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

DAHLIH CNC Machining Center MCV720  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

DAHLIH CNC Machining Center MCV1200  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing

DAHLIH CNC Machining Center MCV720 1200rmp  for Injection Mould Design & Manufacturing



Inspection Equipments For Mold Testing

Mould Project Management:

Real time monitoring for every single plastic mold order, from quotation throughout order delivery, including contract negotiation, project discussion, production arrangement, material planning, material purchasing, quality management and production following up. HMWTECH have professional account managers to track the production schedule and make the quality inspection to ensure on time delivery. 

A number of experienced mould project engineers in the marketing and engineering department accurately provide customers with optimal solutions in terms of project cycle, quality management and cost control to ensure smooth progress of project management.

Plastic Mould Manufacturing:

CNC Machining Mould processing

EDM Mould Processing

Graphite Electrode of Mould

Milling & Grinding processing of mould

Mold Matching of Mold Clamping Machine

Mould Fitter Processing

Mould Polishing 


Injection Molding Tryout and/or Production

We have rich injection molding experience and can provide 100T-8000T injection molding supporting production.

Materials available: ABS, PP, PC, ASA, AES, PC+ABS, PMMA, PE, POM, PA6, PA66+GF, PP+GF, PBT,  PBT-PET, PP-20T, PP-40T, BMC etc. 



Development of automobile electronic parts mould

This is a listed company with a history of more than 20 years. It specializes in making sensing technology products. It cooperates with our company in the key plastic parts of automotive sensing electronics and atomizing electronics. The cooperative products involve in mold injection molding of metal parts. The dimensional accuracy and appearance requirements of the products are high, and the injection molding volume of the products is relatively large.


Taking a product as an example, the customer's previous mold design is one out of two, each mold hole needs to put two plug-ins, and after the product is out of the mold, only two inserts can be taken out one product by one. Due to the previous low production efficiency, we hope to improve it through cooperation with us.


After many internal discussions, we put forward a solution from the source of mold design. The number of holes is changed to one out of four. Only one insert needs to be placed in each mold hole for injection molding. After the product is out of the mold, all the inserts of the four products are removed at one time with a special fixture, which greatly improves the production efficiency and high customer satisfaction.



Helmet mold design and manufacturing

Helmet mold is one of our best fields in the past 20 years. The companies we cooperate with are well-known helmet factories in the industry at home and abroad. We can realize that customers only give design renderings, and we turn them into 3D drawings with reasonable structure; From half helmets to full helmets, from full helmets to combined helmets, or vice versa.


Our experience in helmet mould is cross industry, including motorcycle helmet, automobile helmet, labor protection helmet, engineering helmet, sports helmet and so on.


Lens mold development

For more than 20 years, our company has focused on the one-stop production service of mold development and processing in the lens industry. It is the head manufacturer in China's lens manufacturing industry.


The case to be mentioned here is an American company with a history of 100 years and one of the 20 most famous enterprises in the world. The product we cooperated with is a respirator mask, which is a product they have been mass-produced. However, from the perspective of quality assurance and cost advantage, the partner finally chose us for product redevelopment.


The structure of this product involves air tight assembly; The optical requirements of products should also meet international standards; In addition, the embedding of metal parts should ensure that the tensile force of the product meets the standard and does not break. This is a typical product that requires excellent comprehensive technology to achieve mass production.


We conducted a very rigorous demonstration process from mold design to trial assembly of post process, and finally formulated a set of process flow scheme meeting all the needs of customers, which was fully affirmed by customers and reached the strategic direction of long-term cooperation between the two sides.


Development mold of new environmental protection building plastic par

The partner is a trader, and the molds need to be exported. This product is a building environmental protection project, with new building structures and new building environmental protection materials. The main technical difficulties are as follows:


Mold: This product is spliced with each other. It is required that there should be no mold inclination around the product, and full-automatic injection molding should also be realized. The product belongs to deep cavity, which is difficult to process, and the inner shape is complex. Moreover, there must be a cooling system in each mold part. We split the mold core into more than 100 parts, all of which are precision machined by high-speed machine. The inner deep cavity is processed by precision spark machining, and then all parts are spliced without grinding, so that the mold can be produced smoothly, and the production rhythm is within the scope of customer understanding.


Injection molding product processing: as this is a new type of plastic, containing wood powder, poor fluidity and relatively complex product structure, temperature control is also particularly important. The control of injection molding temperature plays a key role in the appearance of this product.


It took half a year before and after the project, which was successfully exported and received satisfactory feedback from end customers. Every new material project needs to be professional and patient enough to help customers create successful products.


Development of scientific instrument mould

The cooperative company is a listed company dedicated to scientific analytical instruments. Most of the plastics used have anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance requirements, and the application range of special plastics is wide. Customers' products are processed from machining to injection molding, and their product characteristics are difficult in molding effect, especially PFA and FEP materials, The shrinkage rate of products with different wall thickness ranges from 3% to 6%, and the mold temperature will also have a great impact on the product. The size is very difficult to control. The injection temperature of the product reaches about 340 degrees, the mold temperature reaches 220 degrees, and the requirements for the hot runner are relatively high. In addition, product injection molding is very sensitive to internal stress. As long as there is internal stress in the injection molding process, the product will be black and opaque.


Our company must formulate a set of process scheme belonging to this customer from the comprehensive consideration of pre judgment in the mold design stage and technical breakthrough of molding. After several years of running in, our professionalism and service have been greatly recognized by customers, and the two sides have become long-term partners.

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