Lithium Battery Test Chamber

Lithium battery test chambers are important in this rapid blooming era for electronic products, electric vehicles and storage systems. Lithium-ion Batteries are the widest applied in these products. The battery safety is one of the critical factors before launching such a product into market. And the demand for lithium battery test chambers is growing rapidly.

HMWTECH battery testing chamber supplier, as one of the leading provider of battery safety test equipment in China, the earliest enterprise dedicated in the R & D of battery safety test in China since 2011. We provide the overall test equipment solution for both lithium-ion consumer batteries and lithium-ion EV battery packs and modules, which comply with the relevant international test standards, such as IEC 62133, UN 38.3, UL 1642, ECE R100, UL 2580 and IEC 62619.

HMWTECH lithium battery test chamber supplier provides a wide range of battery safety test equipments, from environment simulation test chambers to mechanical test chambers, including Temperature test chamber, altitude simulation test chamber, battery crush tester, short circuit battery test chamber, thermal abuse tester, drop tester, shock tester, vibration test system, etc.

HMWTECH lithium battery test chamber supplier is working with many global enterprises, such as global smartphone companies, global battery manufacturers, EV manufacturers, Third-party Detection Institutions, etc. We provide reliable battery test equipments to our customers, ensure they deliver the high safety and stability performance batteries to the market.

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Lithium Battery Test Chambers

  • Many electronic products are around our daily life nowadays, smartphones, tablet, wearable devices, laptops, home robots, etc. The rechargeable battery, mainly Lithium-ion battery are widely adopted in such products. There is a greater demand for battery safety testing from both battery and product manufacturers. They should make sure the battery is qualified before delivering it to customers. As a lithium battery test chamber supplier,HMWTECH dedicated to the R & D of battery safety tests in China with many technical patents. In this 10 years experiment of researching and manufacturing, we keep developing new equipment and improving the battery test system from cooperating with thousands of customers. HMWTECH dedicates to provide a reliable and comprehensive solution for lithium battery test chambers, matching the standard IEC 62133, UN 38.3, and UL 1642. Including mechanical, electrical and temperature environmental test chambers.

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Battery Module Test Chambers

This test chamber series mainly for testing the battery module of Electric-bike, Electric Motorcycles, etc. These series meet the standard compliance of IEC62619, UL2580 and GB31485-2015. Including short circuit, thermal test, drop test and crush test, etc.


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