Water-cooled Solar Climate Testing Machine Solar Radiation Simulation Tester

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Product Description



Scope of application

It is is used for products and materials in the rubber, plastics, paint, petrochemical, automotive, textile and other industries to perform solar radiation simulation tests (light, rain, temperature and humidity, etc.) to assess the fading, aging, and Properties such as regression, transmittance, peeling, hardening, and softening.

Related standards

GB/T8427(National Standard Drafting Unit)

GB/T12831  GB/T9344  GB/T2423.24  GB/T8430  GB/T14576   GB/T1189

GB/T1865 GB/T16422.1 GB/T16991  GB/T15102  GB/T15104

ISO4892   ISO03917  ISO11341 ISO105

AATCC TM16  AATCC169  ASTM G26  ASEJ1885KJ  ASEJ1960KJ  GJB 150.7 

Instrument features

1. Advanced microcomputer controller and multi-channel temperature and humidity control system.
2. Easily establish complex test procedures to facilitate the selection and control of light source, temperature, humidity and spray conditions.
3. The menu-driven display screen guides users to select test parameters through buttons.
4. Press the button to select the standard or user-set test program in the database.
5. Adopt short drawn arc, high intensity, professional water-cooled xenon arc lamp and double-layer filter system to truly simulate sunlight source.
6. Imported European traceable spectroscopic analysis and calibration system, digital setting of light intensity, real-time monitoring, and automatic adjustment to meet the stability requirements of different standards for test light sources.
7. Imported superconducting optical fiber, the monitored light source is derived from the whole band, and the light detector is monitored outside the warehouse, with no drift, no decay, high precision, and permanent life.
8. The hybrid water cooling system greatly reduces water consumption and power consumption.
9. Super large experimental warehouse design to maximize the exposure area.
10. Blackboard Thermometer (BPT) and Standard Blackboard Thermometer (BST) are tested at the same station (equidistant) with the sample, which truly reflects the test condition of the sample. The measured data is processed by the CPU and displayed on the color screen in numbers, charts, curves, etc. No need to stop for observation.
11. Ultrasonic atomizer and PTC dual humidification mode, professional dehumidification system to ensure accurate and stable test humidity.
12. Built-in self-circulation system and air filtration system, greatly reducing environmental requirements.
13. The 10.4-inch touch screen display and control, a variety of test monitoring modes (animation, numbers, charts), easy to control, intuitive and clear.
14. All sample holders can be timed separately, and different samples can be tested on the same machine, which is convenient for testing and monitoring.
15. Spray on the front and back of the model.
16. The instrument is equipped with a parallel communication interface, which can provide A4 Chinese printing (optional).
17. The quality assurance that one test can run continuously for 1000 hours.






Test chamber temperature control

2093; resolution: 0.1

Test chamber humidity control

Bright cycle: 10-75%RH, humidity fluctuation ±3%RH; Dark cycle: 10-95%RH, humidity fluctuation ±5%RH;

Test time control

0min~999:59h, accuracy ±1min

Irradiance control

0.82.5W/m2/420nm Accuracy: ±0.03W/m2/420nm; digital setting, automatic compensation

Controllable and monitoring wavelength

Optional 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm, 300-800nm band

Xenon arc lamp rated power


Rotation speed of sample holder

1-10rpm can be set

Sample holder distribution diameter


Maximum exposure area


The size and number of sample holders

145×75mm sample 68 pieces; There are 90 samples of 145×45mm

Time each sample holder separately




Spray cycle


Blackboard temperature range

BPT 30-100±2;BST 35-105±2

Display control

10.4 inch touch screen

Data output

Digital color screen display (A4 Chinese and English printing option)

Specimen rack type

Three layers

External circulating water requirements

Tap water pressure: 140-1345kPa Flow rate: 1.5L/min

Internal circulating water requirements

High purity water flow: 0.8L/min

Power supply

AC380V±5% 50Hz 12KW





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