Two Boxes of Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

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Principle and Action

The two-box constant temperature and humidity test box is also called constant temperature and humidity test machine, constant temperature and humidity test box, constant temperature machine or constant temperature and humidity box. It is used to test the performance of materials in various environments and test the heat resistance of various materials. Cold resistance, dry resistance and humidity resistance. It is suitable for testing the quality of products such as electronics, electrical appliances, communications, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, building materials, medical treatment, and aerospace.

Standards compliant

GB/T5170.5-2008, GB/T10586-2006, GB/T2423.1-2008 test A, GB/T2423.2-2008 test B, GB/T2423.3-2006 test Ca, GB/T2423.4- 2008



Volume (L):
Studio size (W*H*D) 300×300×300mm (three independent working size boxes can be designed according to customer requirements)
Temperature range: -20℃~+150℃ -40℃~+150℃
Humidity range: 20~98%R.H
Control System: Imported display touch controller
The compressor adopts the fully enclosed "Taikang" brand compressor imported from France.

Payment Terms︰ TT / LC

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