Compression Testing Machine

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Product Description

This test is specially designed to test the strength of various materials, finished products, semi-finished products and monomers.Various types of fixtures, jigs, can be used for tensile strength, compressive strength, flexural strength, elongation, elongation, tearing, peeling, stress , Strain, shear, etc., It is suitable for the food industry to measure the jacking strength, jacking deformation and compressive strength of packaging containers.Suitable for metal, packaging, food, aviation, rubber plastic, wire and cable, leather, chemical products and other industries.

Standards compliant

GB/T2792,ASTM D3330,GB/T 12914-1991,GB 13022-91,GB/T1040-92,GB2792-81,GB/T 14344-9,GB/T 2191-95,QB/T 2171-95





Capacity Selection 10N、20N、50N、100N、200N、500N、1KN、2KN、5KN、10KN、20KN、50KN
Force Resolution  1/500,000
Strength Precision  0.3%
Stroke Resolution  1/500,000
Test Items Tension, peeling force, pressure, bending resistance, stress, jacking strength, jacking deformation, tearing strength, tensile strength, etc
Control Method  LED electronic display and operation
Test Distance  200mm
Test Width  300mm
Test Speed  0.01~500mm/min,Arbitrary setting
Force unit switching  kgf,gf ,N,kN,Ibf
Stress unit switching  MPa,kKPa,kgf/cm2,Ibf/in2
Deformation unit   switching  mm,cm,in
Stop Mode  Servo motor drive, synchronous wheel and precision ball screw drive
Machine Drive  Servo motor drive
Machine Weight  About 55kg
Power Supply  1PH,AC220V,50/60Hz,10A Or specify
Standard Configuration  80mm (one set of pressure plate 、Safety sheet metal protecting cover and sensor)

Test Standard: GB/T2792,ASTM D3330,GB/T 12914-1991,GB 13022-91,GB/T1040-92,GB2792-81,GB/T 14344-9,GB/T 2191-95,QB/T 2171-95 

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