Photoelectric Haze Meter Transparent and Translucent Meter

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Product Description

The photoelectric haze meter is suitable for all transparent and translucent parallel plane samples (plastic plates, sheets, etc.) to test the light transmittance and haze, and to determine the turbidity or clarity of liquid samples (water, beverages, etc.). The technical design complies with GB2410-80, ASTM D1033-61 (1997), JISK7105-81 and other standards. It adopts microcomputer automatic operation, easy to use, and can display light transmittance and haze value at the same time. It is suitable for scientific research units, universities, plastic products, packaging films, coatings, inks and other industries.



Z optical system: collimated illumination, diffuse field of view, integrating sphere receiving method
Sample size: entering window Ø25mm out window Ø21mm
Light source: C light source (DC12V6W halogen tungsten + color temperature film) Receiver: silicon photocell + visual function correction film (in line with V (in) standard value)
Electronic system: LED digital display
Minimum reading: 0.1% transmittance, 0.1% haze
Measuring range: light transmittance 0-100.0% haze 0-30.00%
Closed sample compartment, sample size 50*50mm
Instrument size: 470×270×160mm
Net weight of the instrument: 7kg
Power supply: 220V 22V 50Hz single phase
Environmental conditions: 10-30℃
Warm-up time: 10min
Accuracy: light transmittance ±1.5% haze ±0.5%
Repeatability: light transmittance 0.5%, haze 0.2%

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