Alcohol x Rubber Friction Tester Plastic Surface Abrasion Resistance Test

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Product Description

It is our company's latest alcohol rubber friction testing machine after modification and upgrade on the basis of the original multi-functional friction testing machine. This machine is suitable for abrasion resistance test on the surface of various plastic products, such as: computers, mobile phones (PDA), MP3, CD/VCD/DVD, cordless phones, electronic dictionaries, etc. test.


1. This machine has the functions of adjustable speed and adjustable stroke;
2. It can display the current test speed and test times;
3. Multi-function counter, can preset the number of required tests, and automatically stop function after reaching;
4. With a pencil fixture, it can be used to test the hardness of the product surface by the pencil method.




Specification Two-axis (can be used for rubber and alcohol rubbing, and pencil hardness test can also be added)
Round trip 0-25mm adjustable (stroke can be customized)
Speed 1-2.5 times/sec adjustable
Counter 0-99999999 times or 8-digit count arbitrarily set
Friction hammer The weight is 120g, and it can be adjusted before and after. In addition, two sets of weights (100g, 200g, 80g, 500g) are provided. The weights can be customized according to user requirements.
Voltage 220V
Machine size 500*300*550mm 

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