Luggage Oscillation Impact Testing Machine

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Product Description

Luggage handles and pull rods are one of the important parts of travel luggage. They are often heavy enough to fall off due to impact and shock during the handling process, affecting the service life of the product. The purpose of this machine is to test the handles of suitcases and travel bags. The strength of the buckle, stitching and overall structure. The method is to load the specified load on the object, and perform 2500 tests on the test piece at a speed of 18-30 times per minute and a stroke of 4 inches. The test results can be used as a reference for quality improvement.
According to the standard: QB/T 2155-2010


It will automatically stop when it is dropped in the middle, with standard compression spring measuring rod, automatic stop with the number of times set, and a cumulative counter for the use of springs. It has a quiet design effect. It has a major breakthrough in the structure of the earlier oscillator. It is the latest design machine in Europe.




Impact stroke

4 inches (0-6 inches) adjustable

Impact method

Crank/spring type 1.79kg/mm

Test speed

550C.M.P. adjustable

Display method

LCD display


0~99999 Automatic shutdown, power failure memory type

Machine size


Machine weight


Power supply

AC—220V 50~60HZ

Impact stroke

4 inches (0-6 inches) adjustable

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