• Oscillation Impact Testing Machine
  • Oscillation Impact Testing Machine

Oscillation Impact Testing Machine

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Product Description

This machine is used for testing suitcase handles, sewing thread and overall structure vibration resistance test machine. The method is to load the specified load on the object, and perform 2500 tests on the test piece at a speed of 18-30 times per minute and a stroke of 4 inches. The test results can be used as a reference for quality improvement.


It will automatically stop when it is dropped in the middle, with a standard compression spring measuring rod, automatic stop with a set number of times, and a cumulative counter for the use of springs. It has a quiet design effect. It has a major breakthrough in the structure of the earlier oscillator. It is the latest design machine in Europe.
Invention patent number: ZL 2013 1 0293419.6




Impact stroke 11mm
Impact method Crank/spring type (made in the United States, life of more than 1 million times)
Test speed 24 times/minute, times can be set
Display method Korea Autonics LCD display
Counter 0~99999 automatic shutdown, power failure memory type
Machine size 200x160x320cm(W*D*H)
Machine weight 1200kg
Power supply AC—220V 50~60HZ
Other Customizable single group structure

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