• Muffle Furnace for Ash Determination
  • Muffle Furnace for Ash Determination
  • Muffle Furnace for Ash Determination
  • Muffle Furnace for Ash Determination
  • Muffle Furnace for Ash Determination

Muffle Furnace for Ash Determination

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I. Temperature control instruments:


Control mode: temperature-controlled intelligent PID regulation with display accuracy of 1 C

Data display: LED digital display instrument, clearly and accurately reflects timely data.

Temperature curve: Temperature control accuracy [1 C].

Temperature measuring element: S type thermocouple.

2. Heating elements:


1. Furnace material: high aluminium liner, good wear resistance.


2. Heating element: high-quality resistance wire rod, uniform temperature field, low energy consumption.


III. Safety protection:


1. Case structure: double-layer furnace body with air-cooling system ensures that when the equipment is running, the shell of the furnace body is close to normal temperature, energy-efficient and can avoid accidents.


2. Temperature control safety: with functions of over-temperature protection, couple breakage protection and leakage protection, the equipment is safe and reliable in operation.


3. Cover opening protection: The furnace is equipped with a stroke switch. When the furnace door is opened, the power supply is cut off automatically, which effectively guarantees the safety of users.


4. High efficiency and energy saving: With the advanced design concept, the energy consumption is 60%-80% of the general old electric furnace.


IV. Standard accessories for Muffle Furnace:


1. Product description: 1 product description; One copy of warranty certificate.


2. Standard accessories: 1 crucible pliers, 1 pair of high temperature gloves and 3 crucibles


V. After-sales service:


1. Packing method: Triple board wooden packing box to ensure safe and comfortable product transportation and arrival.


2. Delivery cycle: spot.


3. Product warranty: 12-month warranty (excluding consumable parts) and lifetime warranty, providing technical guidance, installation and equipment commissioning services.


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