• Temperature Aging Test Chamber
  • Temperature Aging Test Chamber

Temperature Aging Test Chamber

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Product Description

Temperature Aging Test Chamber Purpose

HMWTECH’s high temperature aging test chamber can provide a stable test space for pre-heating, drying, changes in physics and chemistry testing.


1. Outside SECC steel, fine powder coating treatment. Inner SUS#304 stainless steel.
2. Use new heat resistant long shaft motor.
3. Turbine fan.
4. Silicone forced tight.
5. Over-temperature protection, super load automatic power system.
6. Circulation system: air force level cycle.
7. Heating system: PID + S.S.R.
8. Timer: temperature to time, when the facility failure alarm indication.
9. Consistent with customer demand matching glass windows are often customized consistent with customer specifications specified.

Main Technical Parameter

Model HMBTG720 HMBTG1000
Test Space mm W1000*H1200*D600 W1000*H1000*D1000
External Dimension mm W1200*H1815*D920 W1400*H1850*D1270
Temperature Range RT+10℃ ~ +150℃(Fully controllable, adjustable control accuracy ±0.1℃)
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.3℃
Temperature Uniformity ≤±2℃ (at no load, constant state)
Observation Window W300*H300 MM, explosion-proof glass and affixed with explosion-proof film
Cooling Method Air-cooled
Control Mode Touch screen programmable control PLC, with USB interface, with RS485 interface can be connected to computer control, special network control software, convenient remote monitoring, data acquisition
Test Space material SUS304# mirror stainless steel, 1.0MM thick, sprayed Teflon insulation
External Dimension material Galvanized plate, powder coating, high temperature plasticization, 1.2MM thick
Safety Protection Automatic explosion-proof pressure relief device, explosion-proof chain, tricolor light device alarm, remote monitoring, smoke exhaust device, fire extinguishing device, etc.
Lead Hole Φ100mm left and right each open one with soft silicone plug and stainless steel cover
Expansion Function Open communication protocol and charging and discharging machine supporting use


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