Four-position Plug-in/off Life Tester

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Product Description

Four sets of plug-in life testing machines are applicable to various connector products and small electronic products such as mobile power supply

Plug and pull life test of the product. This machine can test multiple products at the same time, which is a necessary high for plugging life test

Cost performance testing machine.

1. Test station: four groups

2. Test speed: 5-60 times/min (adjustable knob, LCD display)

3. Test stroke: 0-50mm (eccentric wheel adjustable)

4. Plug and pull counter: 0-99999999 times (preset, LCD display, power-off memory function)

5. Test fixture: standard clamping fixture

6. Maximum single-station plugging force value: 4kgf

7. Motor driving force value at least: 4 * 4kgf=16kgf

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