• Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber

Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber

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Product Description

The xenon arc lamp with full sunlight spectrum can reproduce the destructive light waves existing in different environments, which can provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated test for scientific research, product development and quality control.

The material sample is exposed to the light and thermal radiation of xenon arc lamp for aging test. The xenon arc lamp aging test chamber is used to evaluate the light and weather resistance of some materials under the action of high temperature light source. The xenon lamp aging test chamber is mainly used for automobiles, coatings, rubber, plastics, pigments

Inner box size 600 × five hundred × 500mm(W*D*H)


The outer box size is about 1210 × one thousand one hundred and sixty × 1750mm(W*D*H)


Sample tray size 550 × 450mmmm(W*D)


Spectral wavelength and radiation intensity 290 ~ 800nm, 400 ~ 800W/m2


Number of lamp tubes: 1, 1.8KW


The lamp life is about 1200 hours


Filter type Sunlight filter


Distance from arc center to sample: 200~400mm


Temperature range RT+10 ℃~70 ℃


Black label temperature range: 40 ℃~100 ℃, adjustable (light cycle); 25~85 ℃ (dark cycle)


Thermometer black scale thermometer BST


Intelligent automatic irradiation intensity compensation of irradiance meter


Temperature accuracy ± 0.1 ℃


Temperature fluctuation ± 0.5 ℃


Temperature deviation ± 3 ℃


Light cycle time: 1S ~ 999H59M59S, continuously adjustable


Rainfall time: 1s~9999min, continuous rainfall adjustable


Rainfall cycle 1~240min interval (break) rainfall adjustable


Water spraying cycle 18min/102min or 12min/48min (water spraying time/no water spraying time)


Rain water pressure 0.12-0.15Mpa


Nozzle diameter Ф 0.8mm


Door sealant silicone rubber emergency sealing device


Sample frame material SUS304 stainless steel


Inner box material SUS304 stainless steel


External box material: cold rolled plate baking paint


3、 Control system


Controller programmable touch screen controller Xenon lamp professional controller


Control system


1) The PLC program and adaptive temperature control technology independently developed by xenon lamp aging test chamber company are used for temperature control;


2) Black label temperature, air temperature, irradiation intensity, water spray time, spray stop time, accumulation, irradiation energy and test cycle number can be set and displayed directly;


3) Microcomputer intelligent control. After setting the temperature, the instrument automatically controls the heating and thermal power, and displays the heating status. The temperature control is accurate and stable. Overtemperature alarm and automatic cut-off of heating power supply


4、 Equipment service conditions


Protection system overtemperature protection, leakage, short circuit, phase loss protection, test time to buzzer sound prompt


Ambient temperature: 5 ℃~28 ℃; Relative humidity ≤ 85% RH; Atmospheric pressure 86kPa~106kPa


Power supply AC380V ± 10% (three-phase five-wire, a 63A air switch shall be made separately, the air switch shall have terminal blocks, and the power line shall be more than 6 square meters; 50 ± 0.5Hz; 16KW


5、 Product features and structure


1. Features:


1) Ventilation and cooling device: the temperature ventilation and cooling system of the test box is automatically controlled by the temperature controller, and the cooling system is used in the box.


2) Wired transmission technology is used to control the black thermometer, which effectively improves the control accuracy.


3) Optical fiber transmission is used to measure the radiation intensity of xenon lamp to avoid the problem of measuring value error caused by temperature.


4) A black standard thermometer BST is installed on the sample holder


5) In order to record the working time of each test, the equipment is equipped with a timer on the operation panel, which can control the time of the equipment, and the equipment will automatically shut down when the timer ends.


6) Protection device: In order to make the xenon arc lamp work normally and not easily damaged, the xenon lamp automatically turns off when opening the door and the whole machine stops working.


2. Integral structure: composed of test box, heating/lighting/system/electrical control.


3. Inner box structure:


1) The air-cooled xenon lamp has a lamp tube placed side by side with a distance of 100mm;


2) The lamp is installed directly above the inner box and is separated from the inner box by a filter;


3) The conical structure above the inner box, such as the lampshade, is conducive to more uniform illumination of the light source;


4) A parallel sample rack is installed in the middle of the inner box, and the sample installation height can be adjusted by 50mm per grid. The appropriate height can be adjusted according to the size of the sample;


5) An irradiance sensor is installed in the middle of the sample holder.


6、 Refrigeration system


The main refrigeration components of the xenon lamp aging test chamber are the French Taikang compressor, which uses R404 and R23 DuPont environmental protection refrigerant respectively. The compressor of this brand has been proved to be a stable refrigeration accessory for medium equipment after decades of test and use. The compressor is the most closed type, and its structure is simple, but it is durable.


6、 Heating system


High-frequency heating wire is very important in this system. Improperly selected heating tube has short service life and is easy to cause funnel short circuit, which is extremely inconvenient and distressing for users with high requirements, and seriously affects the production inspection progress. For this reason, our company has developed the latest ceramic heating frame. The ceramic material has high temperature resistance, good insulation, and will not produce leakage and short circuit. The heating wire imported from Germany is connected in the middle, with thick wire diameter, high temperature resistance, and dry burning resistance. The quartz glass tube is installed in the middle of the heating wire, and its important function is to prevent the heating wire from softening and falling when it burns red, and the production heating wire and the metal in the inner box contact to produce short circuit and other fault phenomena.


8、 Security protection system


The safety protection system is the most important for the user, and setting multi-layer protection is an important measure to protect the user.


1. Line sequence protection: three-phase power is easy to be out of phase or the line sequence is opposite, which may cause equipment damage or accident to the tester.


2. Leakage protection, the use of unqualified heating wire or humidifier tube is enough to cause electric shock accidents.


3. Over-temperature protection. The use of controllers with poor quality brands may lead to temperature runaway and fire accidents.


4. Abnormal protection: when a certain indicator of the equipment operates abnormally, the equipment will automatically prompt the alarm reason and solution, and suspend the equipment operation at the same time, and wait for the maintenance personnel to solve the problem before operation.

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