• High Pressure Accelerated Life Testing Machine (desktop)
  • High Pressure Accelerated Life Testing Machine (desktop)

High Pressure Accelerated Life Testing Machine (desktop)

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Product Description


Widely used in medical device disinfection, industrial circuit boards, multilayer circuit boards, IC, LCD, magnets and other products for sealing performance testing.


Set temperature:+100 ℃~+132 ℃ (saturated steam temperature)


Humidity range: 100% saturated vapor humidity


Operating pressure: 0.5 Kg to 3.0 Kg/cm2 (designed pressure resistance of inner barrel: 4 Kg/cm2)


Time range: 000 Hr~999 Hr


Pressurization time: within about 45 minutes from 0.00 Kg to 1.04 Kg/cm2


Test conditions: temperature 121 ℃, 100% RH saturated steam, pressure 2.04 Kg/c ㎡, temperature 132 ℃, 100% RH saturated steam, pressure 3.00 Kg/c ㎡



Test chamber size: inner diameter: diameter 260 * 400, circular test chamber


Overall dimensions: 1000 x 700 x 1000 mm (W * D * H) desktop; 1000x 700 x 1400 mm (W * D * H) floor mounted


Inner barrel material: stainless steel plate material # SUS-3046 system


Outer barrel material: stainless steel or steel plate baking paint


Control system

1. The saturated vapor temperature is controlled by a Japanese made YOKOGAWA UT-150 microcomputer;


2. Time controller adopts LED display;


3. Adopt pointer display pressure gauge;


4. Microcomputer P.I.D automatic calculation and control of saturated vapor temperature;


5. Manual water inlet valve;


6. Prepare the vacuum function (before the test) and vacuum drying function (after the test).


Mechanical structure

1. Round inner box, stainless steel round test inner box structure, in line with industrial safety container standards, can prevent condensation and water dripping during testing design;


2. Circular lining, stainless steel circular lining design, can avoid direct impact of steam latent heat on the test object;


3. Precision design, good air tightness, low water consumption, and continuous operation of 400 Hrs per water addition;


4. The patented packaging design makes the door and box more closely combined, completely different from the traditional extrusion type, which can extend the packaging life;


5. Critical point LIMIT mode automatic safety protection, abnormal cause and fault indicator display.


Other accessories

1. Test rack 1 set


2. Steam baffle 1 piece


3. 2 packs of non polluting detergent


4. OPTION Optional accessories: a. Pressure signal transmitter, b. Experimental data recorder


Power supply system

The fluctuation of system power supply shall not be greater than ± 10


Power supply: single-phase 220V 20A 50/60Hz



Allowable working environment temperature: 5 ℃~30 ℃


Experimental water: pure water


Attached documents

System warranty, operation and maintenance manual

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