Industrial Constant Temperature-humidity Air-conditioner

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Product Description

Industrial constant temperature and humidity air conditioners are widely used in laboratories, workshops, factories, wine cellars, paper mills, and other industrial places, making them an ideal choice for users.

The types of units include air-cooled, water cooled, constant temperature and humidity type, constant temperature type, and other industrial air conditioners. Industrial air conditioners are professional refrigeration equipment developed according to the special working conditions of industrial enterprises. They have a wide range of cooling capacity, large air volume, complete product series, and multiple types and models. They have many advantages such as stable and reliable performance, high energy efficiency ratio, low noise, and convenient installation and maintenance.


Equipment operation principle

Cooling principle: During the operation of the refrigeration system, the high-temperature and high-pressure R410 gas discharged by the compressor enters the condenser and is condensed into a medium temperature supercooled liquid. After being throttled and depressurized by the expansion valve, it becomes a mixture of low-temperature and low-pressure vapor and liquid, which enters the evaporator. The mixture evaporates inside and absorbs the heat of the air passing through the evaporator, cooling the air flowing through the evaporator. After vaporization, the steam is sucked in by the compressor, thus continuously circulating, So as to achieve the purpose of cooling.

Humidity reduction principle: Due to the fact that the surface temperature of the evaporator fins is lower than the dew point temperature of the air, when the air flows through the evaporator surface, there is water precipitation on the evaporator surface.

Heating up: Start the heater, and when the air flows through the heater, the air is heated and warmed up.

Humidification: Start the humidifier, and the water vapor generated by the humidifier is continuously sent into the room by the fan for humidification purposes.

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