• Constant Temperature-humidity Air-conditioner for PCB factory room
  • Constant Temperature-humidity Air-conditioner for PCB factory room

Constant Temperature-humidity Air-conditioner for PCB factory room

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Product Description

Power saving factory air conditioning is a combination of water cooling, air cooling, and compressor refrigerant. The working principle of water curtain evaporative cooling is used to maximize the working efficiency of the compressor to achieve energy-saving refrigeration effects; This equipment is divided into two parts: an internal machine and an external machine. The compressor is placed in the internal machine, and only PPR water pipes are used to connect the internal machine and the external machine, without the need for copper pipes. Due to the rapid absorption of high temperature hot air temperature with direct water, large fan volume, and remote air supply characteristics, Lixian's evaporative cooling and power saving air conditioners save 45% electricity compared to traditional air conditioners, with each 5P air conditioner capable of managing 130 square meters

There are almost no limitations. Small areas can be directly cooled using a small refrigerating capacity cabinet machine, while large areas can be cooled using a large refrigerating capacity direct blower, air duct machine, or horizontal machine.

Easy to maintain, easy to install, convenient to clean, and not prone to failure

3. Less investment in the early stage and low cost in the later stage. Our machines are cheaper than traditional air conditioners with the same cooling capacity. In the later stage, it saves 30% - 50% electricity compared to traditional air conditioners. It saves 15% electricity compared to central air conditioners.

4. Good cooling effect and fast cooling speed. The air volume is large and the air supply is far away.

5. Temperature can be adjusted according to demand, and has dehumidification effect.

6. You can use different solutions in different environments based on your needs. The direct blow type of traditional air conditioning can be used for overall cooling under sealed conditions. For posts using environmentally friendly air conditioners, air supply is used to cool down at designated workplaces. The central air supply type using central air conditioning is more beautiful. We can provide solutions based on what customers need.

7. Does not occupy space. One of our 125 series machines can handle 100-130 square meters. The internal unit can be installed on the ground where it can be placed indoors, hung on a wall, or placed outdoors.

8. There is no requirement for tightness. The sealed environment is cooled by direct blowing as a whole, while the unsealed environment is cooled by post type air supply area type.

9. Simple maintenance and low maintenance cost. Important components such as compressors are not required to work outdoors at heights in the internal machine.

10. The compressor has low load, low failure rate, and longer service life.


There are requirements for water quality and tap water is required.

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