Air-cooled Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber Sunshine Tester Climate Resistance Test

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This equipment is a simple desktop xenon lamp aging chamber, which can be used in various auto interiors, plastics, paint, coating, E-meter, textiles, printing and dyeing, dyestuff, decorative materials, wooden floors, safe hats, leathers, petrochemicals, rubber, ect., which is simulating the artificial aging of sunshine test and light resistance, climate resistance, perspiration&light resistance, ect. By setting radiation energy, temperature, humidity, spray, light alternated with darkness in the test chamber, to provide standard necessary for a simulation of natural environment  and then test the material of property evolution, such as fade, aging, soft, hard, break, etc



  1. Exposure method: Up and down adjustable sample tray, three-dimensional space can test 3D specimens;
  2.   Light source system:apply imported long arc xenon lamp, high-intensity, 1.8KW professional AC air-cooled xenon arc lamp;
  3. Using specialized filter components, and the filtered spectrum fully conform to GB, FZ, AATCC, ISO, JIS, ect.  
  4.  Irradiance control: digital setting of light intensity , real-time monitor, self-regulation,meet the stability requirements of different standards for the test light source( can switch to 420nm, 340nm, 300-400nm or 300-800nm single-band monitoring)
  5. Temperature control: black-panel thermometer (BPT), black-label thermometer(BST), can switch to air temperature (CHT) and test as the sample at the same station, which truly reflects the test condition of the sample , and tested data is displayed on color screen in the form of numbers,graphs, curves, ect. by CPU . No need to stop observing.
  6. Humidification display: the instrument has humidity display value, not controlled.
  7.  Data output mode: the apparatus is equipped with a USB port, and the test data can be directly exported to the EXL table file and read on the computer by using the U disk.
  8.  Data display mode: 7-inch weinveiw color touch screen display and control, support Chinese and English operation, multiple test monitoring modes(numbers, curves, forms), simply control, intuitive and clear.
  9. Standard setting:  custom setting or program setting, AATCC, ISO, GB, JIS and other test standards, which can be permanently saved after setting.
  10. Monitoring interface: friendly monitoring interface, running curve




  1. Model : HMCX1800B
  2. Studio dimension:  320×350×320(D×W×H)㎜
  3. External dimension:  580㎜×600㎜×650㎜(D×W×H)
  4. Lamp tube power: 1.8KW (air-cooled imported long xenon arc lamp)
  5. Lamp tube life: work 1200 hours.
  6. Energy control point(indicate that you need to choose one band when ordering): @340nm、@420nm、@300nm~400nm、@280nm~800nm
  7. Radiation intensity:(indicate the need for strength control points when ordering)


  1. Irradiation regulation: build-in sun eye, radiation closed-loop monitoring PID self-regulation.
  2. Filter: special glass filter combinations to simulate different environments
  3. Black-panel temperature : 38~89℃ (adjustable)
  4. Temperature fluctuation: ±2℃
  5. Temperature uniformity: ±3℃
  6. Humidity display: no humidity
  7. Spray system: no spray
  8. Sample tray: tablet 290mm×315mm
  9. Specimen capacity: test standard finished sample and three-dimensional sample.
  10. Dark and light cycle: 0~9999H cycle setting  
  11. Imported lamp tube:  1

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