Air-cooled Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber Environmental Chamber

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It is suitable for auto parts and interiors, E-Meter,printing and dyeing, dyestuff, decorative materials, etc. ,which is simulating the artificial aging characteristics test of sunshine test and light. Though setting the conditions of solar radiation energy, temperature, humidity, alternating day and night in various climates, and other conditions in the test chamber, the simulated natural environment required by the standard is provided to test the performance changes of materials such as fading, aging, softening, hardening, and cracking.





  1.  Exposure method: Large experimental warehouse space, flat sample rack can measure three-dimensional irregular components;
  2.  Light source system: Original imported 4KW professional sunlight simulation lamp, the lighting system is an electronic special supply.
  3.  Filter: Special filter components for sunlight simulation, so that the filtered spectrum fully meets the requirements.
  4.  Irradiance control: Digital setting of light intensity, real-time monitoring  self-regulation, energy control point 280-3000nm.
  5.  Temperature control: Testing chamber or laboratory temperature control, which truly reflects the test temperature of the external components of the automobile and the internal condition of the automobile module. The measured data is processed by the CPU and displayed on the color screen in the form of numbers, graphs, curves, ect. by CPU . No need to stop observing.
  6.  Humidity control:Energy-efficient Nanotechnology and PTC high temperature double humidification system, humidification tube anti-dry burning protection device, minimal water consumption is 0.5L/min, and humidity test is accurate and stable.
  7.  Data output mode: The apparatus is equipped with a USB port, and the test data can be directly exported from the U disk as an EXL table file and read on the computer.
  8.  Data display mode: 7-inch WEINVIEW super color touch screen display and control, support Chinese operation, multiple test monitoring modes(numbers, curves, forms), simply control, intuitive and clear.
  9. Standard setting: There are built-in 11 groups programs and save permanently. Just choose to enter and start the trial.
  10. Energy conservation: Using brand-new USA technological aging chamber designed tech, energy-saving control method, low noise of running parts.
  11. Protection design: full safe monitor design can achieve unattended operation safely in the whole process.
  12. Remote monitoring: Support mobile phone APP, computer network with remote monitoring control, which can save work time and simply operate.
  13. Monitoring interface: Friendly interface include monitoring picture, state monitor, running curve, ect. Phone and computer APP communication tech 




  1. Model : HMCX4000B
  2. Studio dimension:  1000*1000*1000(D×W×H)㎜
  3. External dimension: 1450㎜×1450㎜×2250㎜(D×W×H)
  4. Lamp tube power: 4KW (imported long xenon arc lamp)
  5. Lamp tube life:≥1000 hours.
  6. Energy control point(indicate that you need to choose one band when ordering): @340nm、@420nm、@280nm~890nm、
  7. Radiation intensity:(indicate the need for strength control points when ordering)


  1. Irradiation regulation: build-in sun eye, radiation closed-loop monitoring PID self-regulation.
  2. Filter: special glass filter combinations to simulate different environments
  3. Air temperature range: 35~80℃ (adjustable)
  4. Black-panel temperature : 35~100℃ (adjustable)
  5. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃
  6. Temperature uniformity: ±3℃
  7. Humidity range: light cycle: 20~75%R.H; dark cycle: 45~95%R.H%;
  8. Humidity uniformity: ±5%R.H
  9. Sample tray: tablet 950mm×950mm
  10. Specimen capacity: test standard finished sample or three-dimensional sample.
  11. Dark and light cycle: 0~9999H cycle setting
  12.  Rain cycle: spray stop cycle 0~9999min cycle setting
  13. Spray method: sample surface spray
  14. Lamp tube:  1

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