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The 1 cubic meter formaldehyde VOC emission test climate chamber is mainly used to study the change law of formaldehyde and TVOC emission in man-made panels, interior decoration materials, adhesives, coatings, wallpapers, musical instruments, furniture and electrical and electronic products. To detect the amount of formaldehyde and TVOC released in light industrial products of man-made boards, interior decoration materials, adhesives, coatings, wallpapers, musical instruments, furniture and electrical and electronic products, and classify the detected product grades;




1. Main components: high-quality thermal insulation box, mirror stainless steel test chamber, clean constant temperature, and humidity air supply system, air circulation device, air exchange device, test chamber temperature control unit, signal control, and processing part (temperature, humidity, flow, replacement rate, differential pressure, wind speed, etc.).

2. Main structure: The inner tank is a mirror stainless steel test chamber, and the outer layer is a thermal insulation box, which is compact, clean, efficient, and energy-saving, which not only reduces energy consumption but also reduces the balancing time of the equipment.

3. Clean constant temperature and humidity air supply system: an integrated device for high clean air treatment and humidity adjustment, the system is compact, efficient, and energy-saving.

4. The equipment is equipped with a full protection device and system safety operation protection device, which makes the operation of the equipment more reliable and safe.

5. Advanced heat exchanger technology: high heat exchange efficiency and small temperature gradient.

6. Cold and hot against the tempering water tank: the temperature control is stable.

7. Imported humidity temperature and humidity sensor: the sensor has high precision and stable performance.

8. High-quality refrigerator: imported refrigerator with stable operation and long service life.

9. Protection device: The climate box and the dew point water tank have high and low-temperature alarm protection measures and high and low water level alarms.

10. Protection measures; the compressor also has protection measures for overheating, overcurrent and overpressure, and the whole machine runs safely and reliably.

11. Stainless steel inner box: The inner cavity of the incubator is made of mirror stainless steel, and the surface is smooth and non-condensing. It is a material with low emission and low absorption, which does not adsorb formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds to ensure detection accuracy.

12. The constant temperature box body is made of hard foam material, and the box door is made of a silicone rubber sealing strip, which has good thermal insulation performance and sealing performance. The box is equipped with a forced-air circulation device (forming a circulating airflow) to ensure a uniform temperature and humidity in the box.

13. The equipment adopts the internationally advanced jacket structure, which is compact, clean, efficient and energy-saving.




Temperature Adjustment range: (20~40)ºC (can be customized)
Adjustment accuracy: ±0.5ºC
Relative humidity Adjustment range: (20~80)%RH.
Adjustment accuracy: ±2%R.H.
Air replacement rate Adjustment range: 0.5m3~2m3/h (ventilation rate 0.5~2 times/hour) Adjustment accuracy: ±0.05 times/hour, use the touch screen system to set and control the flow through the imported electronic flow controller, automatic detection of feedback flow loss and timely replenishment of flow, accurate and efficient flow control.
Air circulation The box is equipped with a forced air circulation device (forming a circulation system) to keep the temperature and humidity in the box uniform.
Surface wind speed The air horizontal velocity is maintained at (0.1~0.3) m/s, and the accuracy is ≤0.05m/s. The box is equipped with an anemometer, and the touch screen system can display and record the wind speed in the box in real time.
Test cabin size (1±0.02)m3
The test chamber adopts SUS304 mirror stainless steel plate for internal welding and full welding. The welding and surrounding areas are polished and free of deformation, and all sides and corners are made of a certain arc. It can be washed and cleaned with water, without rubbers and adhesives and other materials that interfere with the detection, the chamber, sealing materials and other devices that come into contact with the air in the test chamber, and do not absorb organic matter and formaldehyde. There is no condensation and condensation in the test chamber. It can be effectively cleaned by washing with water before the test.
Studio size: 0.80m (width) × 1.0m (height) × 1.25m (depth)
Control cabin (front view): 2200 (front and rear length) × 2020 (height) × 1200 (width)
Differential pressure 10±5Pa slight positive pressure, differential pressure is displayed and recorded in real time through the touch screen system
Air tightness Static leak rate: under 1KPa relative pressure, leak rate ≤ 0.5×10-3m3/min
Thermal insulation box Polyurethane and insulation board, the outer wall is steel plate, white painted; inner wall: 304 stainless steel plate
Background concentration Formaldehyde background concentration <0.006mg/m3, TVOC background concentration <0.02mg/m3. Single VOC background concentration <0.002mg/m3
Clean gas supply system Adopt multi-stage purification (including high temperature catalytic oxidation VOC purification components, low temperature cooling VOC purification components, cold dryer dewatering and oil removal purification components, dust particle filter purification systems, formaldehyde filters and other multiple purification methods
Recovery rate The average recovery rate of toluene and n-dodecane is not less than 80%
Air exchange coefficient Not less than 90%
Main structure The structural arrangement is convenient and reasonable, adapting to various spaces. It not only reduces energy consumption but also reduces equipment equilibration time, improves detection efficiency and reduces detection cost.
Monitoring equipment The touch control screen is used as the dialogue interface for personnel to operate the equipment, which can directly set and digitally display the temperature, relative humidity, temperature compensation, dew point compensation, dew point deviation, temperature deviation, working time, flow replacement rate, pressure difference, and wind speed in the box. Imported sensors, and can automatically record and draw control curves.
Monitoring parameters Monitor and display the temperature and humidity in the cabin, switch machine time, flow replacement rate, pressure difference, wind speed, working time, data can be transferred and stored.
Power The starting power is less than or equal to 3kw, and the operating power is 2kw
Operating voltage 220V/380V Weight: 800kg
Equilibrium time The test conditions of the test chamber reach equilibrium within 1 hour after the equipment is started.

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