Water-cooled Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber Environmental Chamber

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It is suitable for auto interiors, plastic,painting,coating, electric meter, textile, printing and dyeing, dyestuff, decorative materials, wooden floor, safe hats, leather, petrochemicals,ect. ,perform artificial aging test under simulated sunlight and light fastness, weather resistance color fastness, light and perspiration composite color fastness test, etc. Though setting the conditions of radiation energy, temperature, humidity, spray, alternating day and night in various climates, and other conditions in the test chamber, the simulated natural environment required by the standard is provided to test the performance changes of materials such as fading, aging, softening, hardening, and cracking.




  1.  Exposure method: Large experimental warehouse space, drum type 3-layer pendant sample holder, can measure 67 standard samples( 70*145) , and the exposure area is 6500 cm2;
  2.  Light source system: use original imported long arc xenon lamp, high-intensity 6.5 KW professional AC water-cooled xenon arc lamp.
  3.  Filter: double filter components are used to make the filtered spectrum fully meet the requirements of GB, FZ, AATCC, ISO, JIS, and other standards (the picture below);
  4.  Irradiance energy control point: digital setting of light intensity, real-time monitoring  self-regulation, meet the stability requirements of different standards for the test light source (switchable 420nm; 340nm; 300-400nm or 280-800nm band monitoring);
  5.  Temperature control: Black Panel Thermometer(BPT) Black Standard Thermometer(BST),switchable and air temperature (CHT) and specimen with the same station testing, true reflection of the specimen under test conditions. The measured data is processed by the CPU and displayed on the color screen in the form of numbers, graphs, curves, ect. No need to stop observing.
  6.  Humidity control:Energy-efficient Nanotechnology and PTC high temperature double humidification system, minimal water consumption is 0.5L/min, and humidity test is accurate and stable.
  7. Spray system:Sample before and after the spray, high-pressure spray umbrella rain mist, simulation of natural rain effect, rainfall 0.4L / min.
  8.  Data output mode: The apparatus is equipped with a USB port, and the test data can be directly exported from the U disk as an EXL table file and read on the computer.
  9.  Data display mode: 10.4-inch WEINVIEW super color touch screen display and control, support Chinese and English operation, multiple test monitoring modes(numbers, curves, forms), simply control, intuitive and clear.
  10. Standard setting: There are built-in 11 groups of programs can be customized AATCC, ISO, GB, JIS, and other test standards, and save permanently. Just directly choose to enter and start the trial.
  11. Energy conservation: Using brand-new USA technological aging chamber designed tech, the whole machine power as low as 10KW super energy-saving, low noise running parts.
  12. Durable operation: one test time can be continuous operation for more than 1000 hours, to meet the special industry material aging test.
  13. Protection design: full safe monitor design can achieve unattended operation safely in the whole process.
  14. Remote monitoring: Support mobile phone APP, computer network with remote monitoring control, which can save work time and simply operat                                   
  15. Monitoring interface: Friendly interface include monitoring picture, state monitor, running curve, ect. Phone and computer APP communication tech 
  16. Lamp combination: original imported lamps and double A-type or B-type filters and imported brand machines can be interchangeable (as shown)





  1. Model : HMCX6500B
  2. Inner dimension:  760×760×760(D×W×H)㎜
  3. External dimension: 1050㎜×1270㎜×2100(D×W×H)
  4. Lamp tube life:≥1500 hours.
  5. Supporting xenon lamp power supply: highly reliable professional self-developed electronic intelligent start power supply, ultra-stable operation. Lighting efficiency of more than 95% higher than other manufacturers
  6. Lamp tube power: 6.5KW
  7. Lamp tube quantity: 1 original import
  8. Internal and external filters: double special glass filters, different combinations to simulate different environments (A-type daylight type or B-type window glass type)
  9. Energy control point: @340nm、@420nm、@300nm~400nm or @280~800nm
  10. Radiation intensity: four-channel switchable control point: @340nm、@420nm、@300~400nm or @280~800nm


  1. Irradiation intensity regulation: built-in solar eye wireless fiber optic sensor, irradiation intensity advanced high-tech closed-loop monitoring intelligent PID automatic adjustment.
  2. Air temperature (HTC): 38~80℃±3℃(adjustable)
  3. Black-panel temperature (BPT) : 40~100℃±3℃(adjustable)
  4. Black-standard temperature (BST) :40~110℃±3℃(adjustable)
  5. Relative Humidity: light cycle: 10~75%RH;dark cycle: 45~100%RH
  6. Temperature uniformity: ±3℃
  7. Humidity uniformity: ±5%R.H
  8. Black panel and black label position: black panel, black label and sample shelf should be the same workstation.
  9. Specimen rack: 3 layer specimen rack rotates 360 degrees around the center of the lamp 1R/min to improve the consistency of all specimen exposures.
  10. Specimen rack type: hanging specimen clip, pop-up specimen installation design, disassemble the sample just press the spring disassembly is very convenient.
  11. Specimen rack quantity: 67 pieces of 70×150mm standard sample board, 25 pieces of middle layer, 21 pieces of upper and lower layer each.
  12. Effective exposure area: 6500cm2
  13. Dark and light cycle: 0~9999H, adjustable
  14. Spray method: Sample front spray, back spray each section can be independently controlled.
  15. Spray circle: 0~9999min, adjustable


Test Standard: 

GB/T16422.2-2014 Plastic laboratory light source exposure 
GB/T32088-2015 Xenon lamp accelerated aging test method for non-metallic parts and materials of vehicles.
GB/T1865-1997 Colored paints and varnishes, artificial weathering and artificial radia

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