Constant Temperature Water Tank/Sink Test Chamber W/Microcomputer Controller

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The constant temperature water tank has a wide range of applications, and is suitable for direct heating and cooling of precise constant temperature in sciences such as biology, chemistry, physics, plants, and chemical engineering, as well as auxiliary heating and cooling. The structure of the constant temperature water tank is a metal rectangle, the shell is carefully made of cold-rolled steel plate, the stainless steel inner tank, the digital display temperature controller, the power supply, and the water pump are all installed in the control box. The constant temperature tank has a core component-the microcomputer intelligent control system, which is used to Control the temperature change, and finally achieve a constant temperature effect!


1. External test used for baking paint treatment of SECC steel plate, the inner tank is SUS stainless steel;
2. Use automatic temperature measurement (PT----100Q);
3. Water circulation pump can increase the accuracy of temperature;
4. The HANDY COOLER can be inserted into the slot through the square hole at the back of the controller and does not occupy space;
5. Equipped with a flat cover, another with a pointed cover, an elevated frame and spring can also be equipped with external circulation, overheat protection and water level control devices





HM-2209A HM-2209B

Inner box sizeW*H*Dmm

295*150*235 495*150*295

Outside sizeW*H*Dmm

345*195*285 540*195*340

Temperature range

RT—100 RT—100
Controller PID—Microcomputer control PID—Microcomputer control


800 1000


Internal circulation pump Internal circulation pump


+0.02 +0.05




Payment Terms︰ TT / LC

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