Composite Test Box (vibration/temperature/humidity) Comprehensive Testing Machin

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HM-THV-720-7M composite test box (vibration/temperature/humidity) The comprehensive test box is a combination of constant temperature and humidity test box and appropriate vibration test bench, which can meet various corresponding temperature, humidity and vibration three comprehensive Test requirements apply to aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, electrical engineering, electronics, communications and other fields.


1. Make your quality reliability test closer to the test in the real environment
2. It can simulate the temperature, humidity and vibration test of the product in the actual environment
3. Temperature, humidity and vibration can be used in compound test or used in separate test
4. Microcomputer control system with LCD display in Chinese and English
5. Ohkura temperature and humidity recorder
6. Vibration testing machine control system capabilities: linear, logarithmic, and frequency multiplication scanning
7. The vibration test process is closer to the real environment simulation
8. Random / sine / linear vibration machine control ability
9. 100㎏f~5000㎏f vibration machine thrust
10. The most appropriate amount of refrigerant control
11. The operating instructions are simple and easy to understand
12. RS232 interface with connection and software


Automatic temperature recorder
Machine vibration
Vibration platform
Fixed clamp fixture




Inner box size (W×H×D) cm: HM-THV-432-7M:60 x 80 x90 ; HM-THV-720-7M:100 x 80 x90
Temperature range: -70.00℃ ~ +150.00℃
Humidity range: 20.0%RH ~ 98.0%RH
Time limit: 0 hour 0 min ~ 999 hour 59 min
Inner box material: Stainless steel material #SUS-304
Vibration frequency range: 3 Hz ~ 2000Hz(4000Hz)
Maximum thrust: 100Kgf ~ 1200Kgf(2000Kgf)
Controller: TEMI-880

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