Retentivity Tester in High Temperature/Low Temperature/Humidity Environm

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Product Description

This machine has a split structure and is a device dedicated to testing retention in high temperature, low temperature or humidity environments. Can measure multiple groups at the same time.

Standards compliant




1. Split and detachable design, the timer group can be removed and placed separately.
2. The two groups are connected by a 2.5M heat-resistant cable.
3. The timer is a 1 cm wide display, which displays up to 0.1 minutes 4. Use 2" × 3" (5cm × 7.5 cm) standard steel sheet in accordance with PSTC regulations
5. The thickness of the retaining force steel sheet can be up to 6mm.
6. The whole can be heat-resistant to 400°F (0°C~204°C) for a long time.
7. The hanging angle can be adjusted from 180° or 
choosed angle
8. It can be used in a special oven, high and low temperature test box, and constant temperature and humidity test box.
9. No need to plug in, the battery can be used for ten years

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