Roller Drop Testing Machine Free Drop Tester For Mobile Phones

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Product Description

roller drop tester is a special equipment for repeated free drop tests of mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, CD/MP3 and other small electronic products. The structure is reasonable and unique, and it has full applicability to different types of mobile phones. The equipment runs stably, with low noise and is maintenance-free.



Number of rollers Binoculars
Allowable specimen weight 2kg
Drop height range 500, 1000mm each one
Roller width 350mm
Test speed 5-20 rpm, adjustable by PLC programming control
Test count range 1-999999 times, adjustable by PLC programming control
Material Requirements for Drop Impact Surfaces 304 stainless steel
Steel plate requirements for drop impact surfaces Steel plate thickness 3±0.1mm
Wood plank material requirements The thickness is 17±1mm, and the material is pine, which is medium density, uniform in structure, and has strong instability.
Operation method PLC programming touch screen control
Display method Color touch screen display
Equipment electricity 220V-50Hz
Maximum current ≤10A

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