Cardboard Breaking Strength Testing Machine

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Large-screen LCD display; easy to operate, no trouble of manual pressure; no danger of glycerin splashing by the rubber film; display and convert the unit of force value (N, kN, g, kg, Lb, kP); display and Converted into stress units (MPa, kg/cm2, kpsi); equipped with a thermal printer with fine printing effect; save the parameters of up to 1600 samples, belonging to 64 sample groups, which can be inquired; test results can be deleted ; 4 kinds of reports in Chinese and English; can set the reached force limit, deformation limit, time limit, can set and judge the maximum force qualified range. 


Using large-screen LCD display mode, just press the test switch, it can automatically pressurize, complete all tests, and can automatically reset, enter the next group of standby interface, multiple groups of test data storage, and print functions;

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