Abrasion Resistance Testing Machine Wear Testing Machine

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Product Description

Abrasion resistance testing machine is a wear testing machine designed and manufactured by the company in accordance with JIS ASTM and other related standards. Its main function is to use a specific specification of abrasion wheel to load a certain load, wear the surface of the sample, and wear a certain number of cycles. Later, to evaluate the surface abrasion condition of the sample, the characteristics of weight loss, volume loss, and abrasion thickness can be used to evaluate the wear resistance of the material.




Counting range

0999999 times, automatic shutdown can be set

Center distance between left and right grinding wheels


Distance between the center of the wear wheel and the center of the test plate



Test load: 250g, 500g, 1000g (can be used together)

Wheel specifications

Purchase by customer

Rotation speed

1-100RPM can be modified by itself (factory standard setting value is 60RPM)

Machine power

Cast aluminum body, stepper motor drive



Machine weight

About 30kg

Use electricity

220V 50/60HZ

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