Color Assessment Cabinet

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Product Description

This product provides a variety of standard light sources. According to CIF standards, each light source can be used in textiles, printing and dyeing, plastics, paints, inks, printing, pigments, spraying, chemicals, ceramics, shoe materials, leather, hardware, zippers, furniture, packaging, and cosmetics. Comparing the color of other industry materials, the color rendering evaluation is above Ra98.

Structure appearance

Advanced surface spraying treatment, LCD electronic display

Control method

Use light touch switch, automatic memory function when power off, accumulate light source usage time



1.D65 International Standard Artificial Daylight
2. F/A yellow light source, colorimetric reference light source
3.TL84 Western Europe, Japanese store light source
4. UV fluorescence plus white inspection UV light source
5. CWF cold fluorescent, American store light source
6. U30 warm white light, American commercial light source (various tube light sources can be provided on request)

Power source: 1∮、220V/50HZ

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