Electric Dehydration Test Machine decolorization Tester

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1 pc

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Product Description

Manufacture and test the degree of decolorization of fabric or leather according to the A.A.T.C.C test method. Use a 5cm×5cm white cotton cloth to sandwich the friction hammer above the test piece. The matching load is 900g. The residual color of the white cotton cloth is compared with the color standard to compare the decolorization level.




Friction load


Friction diameter


Test speed

1 C.P.M. / second;

Friction distance

10 cm;

Contaminated area

1 cm² White cotton cloth;

Frequency setting

3 digits, with zero key;

Liner sandpaper


Machine size

65×18×24 cm (W×D×H);

Machine weight


Power supply

AC 110V or 220V;

Optional accessories

Standard white cotton cloth / stained gray mark;

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