Tie Rod Fatigue Testing Machine For Luggages

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Product Description

This machine does a reciprocating fatigue test for the tie rods of luggage. Under a certain pull-out and press-fit frequency, by continuously switching, reciprocating pull-out and pressing on the luggage's tie-rod lock and tie-rod, check the reciprocating fatigue performance of the tie-rod, thereby testing the gap, looseness and connection of the tie-rod Rod failure, deformation, etc.
According to the standard: QB/T 2155-2010




Test stroke 20~100cmAdjustable
Test location 4-point sensing position
Stretching speed 0~30cm/secAdjustable
Compression speed 0~30cm/secAdjustable
Testing frequency 0~99999 times, LCD electronic setting
Test power SMC rodless cylinder
Specimen height highest 200cm
Test function Fatigue, lifted or fatigue, lifted, key life synchronous test
Auxiliary equipment Luggage fixing clip seat
Use pressure 5~8KG/cm2
Machine size 120x120x210cm
Machine weight 150kg
Power supply 220v/50HZ

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