Railway Fastener Fatigue Endurance Tester

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Product Description

The railway fastener durability fatigue tester is suitable for static compression test and one-way dynamic pulse fatigue test of various large components, such as concrete structural parts, steel rails and their welded joints, rail fastener assembly, bridges, trusses, car chassis, car axles, locomotive bogies, springs, etc;

technical parameter

Product parameters of railway fastener durability fatigue tester:

1. Maximum static test force of the system: 500 kN

2. Maximum dynamic test force of the system: 500 kN

3. Number of system test channels: 5

Load indication accuracy:<+1% 5 500kN actuator:

5.1 Maximum static test force: 500kN Accuracy: 20% FS+1% at each point;

5.2 Maximum dynamic test force: 500kN, dynamic indication fluctuation:<+3% FS;

5.3 Maximum working vibration amplitude: 15mm (theoretical value); five point four

Maximum piston stroke: 150 mm;

5.5 Maximum extension of lead screw: 450mm;

5.6 Length of extended pipe (long pipe): 1000mm;

5.7 Length of extension pipe (short pipe): 500mm;

5.8 Working frequency range: 2-8Hz, stepless adjustable.

5.9 Pulsator displacement: 0-400mL/time, stepless adjustable.

5.10 Counter: 1 time/revolution

5.11 Full-scale display value of control cabinet: 500;

5.12 Full-scale display value of computer: 500;

5.13 Main motor power of pulsator: 11kW;

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