Tie-rod Fatigue Testing Machine

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Product Description

This machine does a reciprocating fatigue test for the tie rods of luggage. Under a certain pull-out and press-fit frequency, by continuously switching, reciprocating pull-out and pressing on the luggage's tie-rod lock and tie-rod, check the reciprocating fatigue performance of the tie-rod, thereby testing the gap, looseness and connection of the tie-rod Rod failure, deformation, etc.


Touch screen intelligent type control; can meet any test standards, can customize test methods, meet various length pull rod tests, and simulate daily use industries.




Test stroke 10110cm can be set internally;
Stretching speed 0~10,000mm/min can be set internally;
Compression speed 0~10,000mm/min can be set internally;
Testing frequency 0~999,999 times of automatic shutdown, and power failure memory function;
Test power Servo motor drive and cylinder jog
Lift height 0~50mm can be set internally
Sensing position 1~12 input sensing position
Test function Fatigue, lifted or fatigue, lifted, key life synchronous test
Machine size About 100×110×160cm (W×D×H)

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