• Battery Projectile Burning Test Chamber
  • Battery Projectile Burning Test Chamber
  • Battery Projectile Burning Test Chamber
  • Battery Projectile Burning Test Chamber

Battery Projectile Burning Test Chamber

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Product Description


HMWTECH’s battery projectile / burning test chamber is suitable for testing the flame resistance and flammability of various consumer batteries, such as mobile phones and notebook computers. Easy to operate, safe and reliable, it is an ideal battery burning test equipment.

Related Standard Test Requirements

  • UL 1642

 Main Technical Parameters

Model HMBE8105
Structure All-in-one structure, the door uses explosion-proof lock and explosion-proof chain
Burner Bunsen burner with inner diameter of 0.375 inch (9.5mm) and length approx. 100mm
Flame Application Time 99H 59M 59S
Flame Height *10~75±2mm(Adjustable)
  *Mesh should be placed approx. 38mm above the flame (GB31241-2014)
Test Rod Diameter 1/4inch(6.35mm)× 14inch(355.6mm)
Octagon Shape Stainless Steel Mesh Enclosure Distance between each parallel sides: 24 inches (610mm)
  Height: 14 inches (305mm),
  Angle iron : spec. 12.7mmX12.7mm
Mesh Top Cover Square shape with length approx. 650mm
Test Aluminum Mesh Specification 0.010inch (0.25mm) 16 grit x16 grit
Test Round Hole Surface Diameter 102mm
Ignition Device Automatic ignition
Display Mode PLC touch + Remote control
Observation window 390x360mm (20mm thick explosion-proof glass, install explosion-proof stainless steel mesh)
Control Method Remote control, automatic control through the entire test.
Combustion Gas Requirements High purity liquefied petroleum gas. (Prepared by user)
Data Output Test data can be output by USB flash disk directly .
Safety Protection Explosion-proof pressure relief device, smoke exhaust device, fire extinguishing system, electronic door lock system, safety stop switch
Options Video monitoring system

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