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Product Description

The haze meter can easily achieve ASTM D1003 non compensation method, full transmittance, and sharpness testing. The open sample bin can be tested vertically and horizontally, adapting to more samples to be tested. The instrument uses a PD array detector to meet CIE V( λ) The compensation method can achieve high-precision and repeatable measurement of transmittance and haze data based on 2-degree visual response.


application area

It is widely used in glass processing, plastic processing, film, display screen processing, packaging industry, liquid pharmaceutical analysis, and other aspects.



Five advantages of haze meter

1. It can meet the testing standards requirements of different users and meet the following standards: ASTM 01003/1044, ISO 14782, GB/T 2410, JJF 13032011, CIE 15.2, JIS K7105, JIS K7361, JIS K7136


2. YH haze meter is equipped with a large touch operation screen, which is simple and convenient to operate. PD array detectors are used to meet the requirements of CIE V( λ) The 2-degree visual response enables high-precision and repeatable transmittance and haze measurements. USB data output device that can interface with laboratory systems.


3. Independent light source detectors and temperature sensors constantly monitor light sources and environmental changes to ensure reliable test data.


4. Open measurement area for vertical and horizontal testing to accommodate more samples to be tested.


5. Provide powerful haze and transmittance measurement and analysis software, suitable for quality monitoring and tabular management of haze and transmittance data in various industries. Digitize user management on the PC, compare haze and transmittance differences, and generate test report forms to facilitate customer customization and management.

Lighting mode Transmission: 0/D (directional light illumination, diffuse reflection reception)

Integral sphere size φ 154mm

Lighting source 400-700nm combined LED light source

Spectroscopic method//

Sensor PD array detector, meeting CIE V( λ) 2 degree visual response

Measurement wavelength range: 400~700nm (wavelength can be expanded and customized)/

Wavelength interval//

Half bandwidth//

Transmission measurement range 0-100%

Measuring aperture φ 20mm/ φ 15mm/ φ Smm/ φ 4mm (select single caliber)

Sample size and thickness less than 170mm

Color Space//

Color difference formula//

Other chromaticity indicators: haze (ASTM 01003/1044, ISO 13468), transmittance T (ASTM), haze (ASTM 01003/1044), transmittance T (ASTM)

Observer angle 2 °

Observation light source D65, A, C

Display qualified/unqualified results

The measurement time is about 1.5s

Fog resolution 0.01 unit 0.1 unit

Haze repeatability φ 20mm caliber, less than 0.1 φ 20mm caliber, less than 0.15

Inter station difference φ 20mm caliber, less than 0.4

Dimension L x W x H=290X211X511mm

Weight: about 7.6kg

Power supply mode: DC 24V, 3A power adapter power supply

The service life of the lighting source is more than 3 million measurements in 5 years

Display screen TFT true color 7inch, capacitive touch screen

Interface USB, printing serial port

Store 1000 data standard samples, 20000 samples, 1000 standard samples, 10000 samples

Languages Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English

Operating temperature range 0-40 ℃ (32-104 ° F)

Storage temperature range - 20-50 ℃ (- 4-122 ° F)

Standard accessory power adapter, manual, quality management software (blind download), data line, 0% correction box, measurement aperture

Optional accessories: micro printer, test fixture, standard haze sheet, foot switch

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