Vacuum Drying Oven Test Box - New materials test

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Product Description

Vacuum drying oven is widely used in research and application fields such as biochemistry, chemical pharmaceuticals, medical and health care, agricultural research, environmental protection, electronic components, plastic products, and other related specifications for the development and quality management of various industrial components. The product is subjected to (high altitude) simulation tests, and all tested samples are tested under a negative pressure of 11.6 kPa (1.68 psi)


2. Test purpose: The final result of the test requires that the product cannot explode or catch fire.


3. Standard: UL 1642, UL2054, UN38.3 and other test standards;


Product features:


The box is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, with electrostatic powder spraying on the surface. The coating is hard and firm, with strong rust prevention ability, and is not corroded.


The inner box is made of high-quality stainless steel plate, up to 6mm thick, with rounded corners that are smooth, smooth, and easy to clean.


The box door is of a double layer tempered glass structure, which can clearly observe the test items in the box;


A rubber sealing ring is installed between the working room and the glass door to ensure a high vacuum degree in the box.


Technical parameters:


Model:  HMPWCV27T2 | HMPWCV64T2 | HMPWCV125T2 | HMPWCV216T2


Inner box size
(W * D * H) cm   30 × 30 × 30 |  40 × 40 × 40  |  50 × 50 × 50  |  60 × 60 × 60 


temperature range


RT+10 ℃~200 ℃, freely set temperature value


Heating method


Adopt the heat radiation method of two-sided heating, and high temperature resistant heating pipe


Temperature control system


Adopt PID microcomputer automatic temperature control system




Three-digit display 0. S~999H (H hours, M minutes, S seconds can be switched)


vacuum degree


11.6Pa (indicated value of vacuum meter < -0.116Mpa)


Inner box material


SUS 304 # stainless steel (thickness: 6.0mm)


Inner box material


SECC steel plate, refined powder baking paint treatment (thickness 1.5mm)


visible window


Toughened glass with explosion-proof film




Equipped with universal wheels




One vacuum pump with two layers of fixed support


Power Supply


AC 220V 50HZ

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