Bake-type Adhesive Tape Retention Testing Machine - New materials test

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Product Description

The oven type adhesive tape retention testing machine is widely used in the adhesive product industry such as adhesive tapes, protective films, stickers, labels, foam, adhesives, and so on. It is used for testing the adhesive tape retention at a certain temperature. The oven type adhesive tape retention testing machine tests the ability of adhesive tapes affixed to the test board in a specified manner at a certain set temperature to resist displacement under the specified gravity along the length direction. The adhesive tape retention is represented by the distance (or complete separation) moved by the test piece for a certain distance (or complete separation) over a certain period of time.


Operating Procedure Description

1. Cut a 25mm * 150mm test piece, and do not touch the adhesive surface with your hands or other objects. For tape with a width of more than 25mm, cut it into a width of 25mm. For tape with a width of less than 25mm, cut a test piece with a length of about 250mm based on its original width

2. Clean the test surface with a soluble detergent such as baking oil, wipe it with a clean cloth after it is fully dried, and then paste the test piece onto one end of the test plate so that the 25 * 25mm area of the test piece is connected to the test plate. The non adhesive part will be folded inward with the adhesive side

3. Use a rubber pulley to reciprocate and press the test piece once at a speed of about 30mm/sec. After about 20 minutes, fix one end of the test plate to make the test piece sag. At one end of the folded part, hang a load of 1000 ± 10g under the principle of uniform loading

4. Put it into the machine for testing,

5. Turn on the power switch, and the power indicator light is on, indicating that the power has been input. Set the test temperature and time, and start timing. After the test is completed, take the average value of the recorded time

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Control method Microcomputer P.L.D automatic temperature control calculation.

Load: 1kg, 5wh (or specified)

Measure the number of groups 5 groups and time them separately

5 sets of stainless steel sheets and 5 sets of connectors for other accessories

Automatic timer 1-999999 min or sec settable

Temperature controller room temperature - 200 ℃, PID control

Temperature display 0.1 ℃

Hot air circulation

The safety device is equipped with automatic power off protection facilities for overtemperature and electric overload

Machine material: SUS # 304 stainless steel plate inside; Exterior high-grade steel plate baking paint treatment

Inner box size 50 × thirty-five × 45 cm

Weight 70kg

Power supply 1 ∮, AC220V 19.5A

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