• Fully automatic Rockwell hardness tester
  • Fully automatic Rockwell hardness tester

Fully automatic Rockwell hardness tester

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Product Description

Product Features:
●It is a fully automatic intelligent digital Rockwell
hardness tester,Rockwell hardness and surface Rockwell
hardness measurements can be performed automatically on
the sample:
●One button operation, automatic lifting, automatic load
change, automatic loading, automatic unloading of the
workbench,Automatic conversion, fully automatic measurement:
●The human-computer interaction interface is friendly,
and the 5.2 "color touch screen directly displays the test
force, load holding time Parameters such as conversion value
and indenter type:
●Automatically calculate and display measured values, maximum values, minimum values, average values,
and hardness value deviations,Indication display resolution 0.1HR:
●It has upper and lower limit settings for hardness values, out-of-tolerance alarms, and data graph
analysis,Functions such as average value and (single point) batch measurement mode:
●With software compensation function, 3HR software compensation can be performed on the machine without
opening the top cover plate for mechanical adjustment:
●It has multi language function and can switch between Chinese, English, German, Portuguese, Türkiye,
Czech, Korean and other languages:
●Built-in 2000 groups of single data storage functions and 1000 groups of grouped data storage functions,
allowing you to view and analyze individual data:
●Optional Bluetooth wireless printer can be purchased to print measurement data, eliminating the need
to manually record and write test data:
●Optional Softhard data analysis software and Bluetooth receiver can be purchased to import and analyze
the measurement data from the upper computer:
●Support FexOMS measurement big data analysis and control software, improve the entire factory process
control, and reduce material consumption.

Scope of application:
◆Rigid fusion ◆Surface hardened steel ◆alufer ◆Quenched and tempered steel
◆Carburized steel ◆Hard cast steel ◆Maintainable casting ◆Annealed steel
◆Foreign fired steel ◆alufer ◆mild steel ◆Bearing steel

Technical parameter:
Product Name Fully automatic Rockwell hardness tester
Product model HMDR1
Product article number# 811-330
Initial test force 10Kgf (98. 1N)
Total test force 60Kgf (588. 4N), 100Kgf(980. 7N), 150Kgf(1471N)

Duration Time 1-60s Adjustable
display 5.2 "color touch screen, resolution: 640 * 480
Hardness resolution 0.1HR
Test force loading method Automatic loading/holding/unloading
Exchange Scales
Conversion Criteria ASTM、DIN
Language category Chinese, English, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Tikh, Korean
Software modification -3.0HR "+3.0HR, step value 0.1HR
data handling
2000 groups of single data and line chart statistical analysis function for multiple measurement frames, and
provide single data viewing function and group data analysis function respectively
Print Configuration Can be equipped with a printer without searching
Maximum allowable height of
the sample
Deep throat 1 70mm
supply voltage AC220V/50Hz;AC110V/60Hz
Overall dimensions 620x210x900mm
Package size 710 x 530 x 1000mm
Net weight/gross weight 125Kg/143Kg
Executive standards GB/T230.2, JJS Z2245,EN-IS06508, ASTME-18


Standard configuration:
Product Name Product Name
main engine 01.588mmSteel ball indenter
Hardness test block (20-33)HRC power cord
Hardness test block (57-70) HRC Diamond indenter
Hardness test head (85-100)HRB weightA
0200mm Daping test bench weightB
060mm Xiaoping test bench weightC
040mm VShape test bench dust cover
Accessory box level

Certificate of Conformity/Warranty Card Instructions/Packing List

Optional configuration:
Optional Accessories Optional Accessories Optional Accessories
1/8”Steel ball indenter 1/4”Steel ball indenter 1/2”Steel ball indenter
Ø1/8”steel ball Ø1/4”steel ball Ø1/2”steel ball
Xiaoping test bench Pressure head protection sleeve Wireless printer
Bluetooth upper computer module statistical software /


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